Swift Response: Liberia Fires Port Officials as Part of Anti-Corruption Campaign

President Boakai's Initiatives for Socioeconomic Growth
George Weah, a former football star, was brought to power in 2018 on a promise to fight corruption. (Photo: Présidence de la République du Bénin, Flickr, License)

Liberia Fires Port Officials as Part of Anti-Corruption Campaign

Liberia’s National Port Authority (NPA) has taken decisive action against corruption by dismissing ten senior officials accused of engaging in financial improprieties. Sekou Hussein Dukuly, the managing director of the NPA, disclosed that the individuals were found culpable after an internal investigation and that the case has been forwarded to the police for prosecution.

The dismissed officials face serious allegations of corruption, prompting legal action from some of them. Pewu Flomoku, one of the accused individuals, acknowledged receiving a dismissal letter but refrained from commenting on the specifics, deferring to his legal counsel. Another dismissed official, Civicus Barsi-Giah, the former port manager of Buchanan, characterized the decision as political and claimed he had not received an official termination letter. Barsi-Giah expressed surprise at not being informed of any internal investigation.

In a related development, the NPA reported seven seaport officers for allegedly conspiring to steal three 20-foot trucks of rice from port facilities last week. This underscores the depth of the corruption crackdown within the NPA, revealing not only financial irregularities but also instances of theft.

The NPA’s proactive measures against corruption align with President Joseph Boakai’s recent announcement of the establishment of a task force dedicated to combating corruption in Liberia. This signals a commitment at the highest levels of government to address the pervasive issue of corruption and reinforces the need for comprehensive efforts to foster transparency, accountability, and good governance.

As Liberia endeavors to tackle corruption within its institutions, the dismissal of senior officials implicated in financial improprieties reflects a step toward accountability. The legal responses from the accused individuals indicate that the aftermath of these dismissals may involve legal scrutiny, potentially shedding light on the intricacies of the allegations. The simultaneous crackdown on theft within the seaport adds another layer to the challenges facing the NPA, emphasizing the importance of systemic reforms to root out corruption at all levels.


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