Two Liberians convicted of sexual assault in Korea.


According to reports from local media, a court in Busan, South Korea, sentenced two Liberia Maritime Authority employees to nine years in prison each on Wednesday. They were convicted of sexual misconduct.

According to claims made by Korean law enforcement, Moses Owen Brown and Daniel Tarr have been detained in South Korea. They were charged with the alleged rape of two Korean adolescents in December of last year.

The government of Liberia stated that it has contacted its legal counsel in South Korea. They also requested that they provide it with information regarding the numerous available appeal options.

According to a statement issued by the government. The Liberian government will “Continue to engage with the Republic of Korea through official diplomatic channels. The purpose is to assess the various options that may be open to Browne as well as Tarr.”

It was stated that the families of the two Liberians had been notified of the court’s decision and that they would be permitted to visit their loved ones.


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