Legal Blogs – The Nigerian Case

Nigeria legal blogs
Nigeria legal blogs

Legal blogs is a vital part of study and understanding the law. In the 21st century, blogs and articles have become a new way of getting information. They are readily available all over the internet. This has dramatically revolutionized the world. There are blogs and articles about almost every type of topic, from health and fitness to money matters. There are a lot of blogs on the internet that talk about Africa. However, it is incredible that blogs originating in Nigeria are sporadic. Nigeria is the most popular country in Africa yet has very few blogs.

According to statistics carried out in June 2009. Nigeria is ranked second in Africa’s online users after Egypt. Nigeria has over 40,000 practitioners that are legally qualified; it is thus befuddling that very few legal blogs come from Nigeria.

Why are Few Legal Blogs in Nigeria?

  • Internet technology is a rapidly growing factor in Nigeria. Nigerians indeed spend way too much time on the internet, but their internet use is limited to emails, chatrooms, and some websites. A few Nigerians are making an effort to join and engaging on social networks such as Facebook. Blogging has nonetheless remained in the shadows in this African nation.
  • Nigerian lawyers are well-informed internet using learned people. Even though they are elites, they almost do not rely on blogs and articles for information. It is because they have minimal knowledge of how blogs work as a source of information. Most of them have ignorant attitudes on these sources of information, thus causing the almost negligible amount of legal blogs in Nigeria. Most Nigerians do not understand the importance and benefits of blogs. They have a lack of interest in the blogosphere and blog, Dom, entirely.

Few Blogs to Meet Nation’s Demand for Legal Information

However, there are a few legal blogs in Nigeria, but they are not adequate to meet the nation’s demand for legal information. The Nigerian representation in the legal blog world is not as per the expectation of the society. People expect that such a nation that has a very number of internet users is exposed in all areas. Nigerians consider legal blogging more of a hobby than a job. To Nigerians, it is something  to pass the time when you have nothing else to do.

What they fail to realize is that this ‘hobby’ is a source of employment for some people. It is an excellent source of information on current topics. Nigerians should re-consider this hobby to increase their source of legal information. Furthermore, they can reduce the number of unemployed graduates by venturing more into legal blogging. Blogging should be a serious business and not a hobby.


Blogs and articles are completely taking over the World Wide Web. It is easier to obtain information on legal books rather than spending enormous time reading books to receive the very same information. They are fast, readily available, and cheap to get information on particular topics of interest. Nigeria has very few legal blogs due to ignorance and poor attitudes towards blogging. If Nigerians invest a little more time on getting to understand how the blogging world works, they will stand to gain a lot more than they are currently.



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