Court to Rule on Malawi Presidential Poll on Monday

Malawi Alleged fraud

Following petitions by Lazarus Chakwera, an opposition leader, the court has reviewed alleged claims on the manipulation of votes. They made these allegations when the Malawian electoral commission declared Peter Mutharika the victor to the May elections of 2019. The polls disclosed Mutharika as the winner with 38.5% of the votes, a close defeat to his opponent Lazarus. Lazarus, the Malawi Congress Party flag bearer, substantiated his allegations with a variety of proof. As a result, the Malawians eagerly await the magistrate’s verdict on the presidential case. There is tension among the citizens for fear of predicted demonstrations. Boarding schools have been closed, commercial operators and companies will, however, be closed on the day of the verdict. The ruling will occur at the country’s capital in Lilongwe.

Mayhem is predicted because of the previous riots. The riots have destroyed public property and violence with the forces. The court proceedings have magnetized Malawians attention since the onset of the petition. They have been perpetually glued to their TVs and radios motivated by the urge to keep track of the latest news. Their great anticipation and desire to know the real winner has seized their concentration. Earlier after the release of Mutharika’s pre-election, supporters from the opposition rioted, claiming they deprived Lazarus of his victory. They even demanded the chair to the electoral commission to submit his resignation is that the reported cases of insubordination were under his leadership.

Presidential case ruling

Lazarus claims were backed up by the head of European Union observers. The lad, Mark Stephens, recognized the many flaws during tallying of the votes. “we made many mistakes during the count.” Since time memorial, this is the first-time presidential election that has been petitioned in the country, challenging the electoral commission. Some electoral commission officials have proved insubordinate as one of them was caught rigging the votes in his polling station.

While sometimes, the blank votes were being counted. Despite these allegations, the winning team has confidently refuted and remained positive to win. In case the magistrate’s decision dismisses the presidential results, we will conduct new elections unless either of the opposition’s petition. It will release the expected ruling on Monday morning. The judges presiding over the matter have received immunity. This is to ascertain their safety as we target them. Because of the urge for justice, the magistrates have only been protected against any intimidation. Word has it that the decision would significantly impact the Malawi citizens’ well-being.

Supporters urged to remain calm

Lazarus and Saluos have however, requested their supporters to stay calm and maintain peace on that fateful day. This is to ensure their safety. The government has implored the citizens to maintain law and order for any individual caught being riotous would deal with the consequences. The destruction of government property was unpatriotic; they would severely punish hence any attempt of that would be severely. It is, therefore, up to the Malawian citizens to stay safe.


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