Cyber-crime Law: A New Spread in Africa

Cybercrime Laws A new Spread in Africa because there was nothing like this in the past. Cybercrime is a computer-oriented crime that involves the use of a computer and a network (Internet). Note this; In this era of computerization and the internet, social media has become a popular means of communication. In that, a lot of people communicate with friends, family members, and a team or colleagues through mobile gadgets. Technology has made it so easy that through social platforms distant relations can have conversations like they were close by.

Media houses are also using the available Internet service to broadcast news and other programs on social media. This is because they can reach a large population of people on various social platforms with a response from their followers. However, despite the fact that businesses are growing, people are more exposed to information because of social media. We all know that there is such a thing as a cyber crime that is growing by the day.  This crime is one of the earliest and one of its most common activities is referred to as “hacking.” according to google.  Also, a lot have been victims of cybercrime and cyberbully while sitting in front of their computers from their homes. Moreso, there are victims of cybercrime that have lost their monies and properties and are yet to recover. One could ask why are African governments are passing a social media bill?

reasons for CYBERCRIME law in some parts of Africa

Cybercrimes laws are put in place by the legislative arm of government in a Nation. These laws are created so that there would be penalties for cybercrime offenses.

  1. These laws are passed in a bid to stop their population from sharing crude jokes, ethnic stereotyping, and images of their politicians. This is because sometime photoshops have been used to depict different messages on social media.
  2. These laws are said to be used also to address some forms of crime not covered in other laws. Such as spreading of lies, pornographic materials online.

In some parts of Africa today, the government is passing bills into law that would curtail social media activities. And these laws are not limited to those who are guilty of robbing people of their money and property through the internet. But also to those who post false pieces of information, pictures and videos on social media platforms. An example of the few African countries with Cybercrime law is Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania, etc. Tanzania is the newest on the list.


Whenever a bill is passed into law in a nation there are those who would accept also there are those who would oppose it. In this case, a lot of critics have aired their views and disagreement in the various African countries where Cybercrime law has been passed. For example, there are those who believe that this law is aimed at shutting voices critical about ruling parties and government. While others say that the government is encroaching on their freedom of expression and privacy.

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