Hundreds of Tanzania Citizen Gather to Contain Mount Kilimanjaro Fire


Tanzania is currently struggling to put a fire that struck Mount Kilimanjaro residing in the country. The mountain is known to be the highest mountain in Africa. Efforts to retain the fire from spreading have been underway from the minute the fire was reported in the mountain. However, there were strong winds in the region that just made the matters worse by further spreading the fire. Help has been very much available from volunteers as well as students to help firefighters to put an end to the fire. So far there have been no reported casualties or destruction of property from the tragic fires.

2nd day of the burning at Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania’s national parks service official (TANAPA), Pascal Shelutete gave an update concerning the fires. In his statement on Monday, he affirmed that the fire which started on Sunday was still ablaze. The winds had since gone down hence making it a little easier for the firefighters to curb the spread of the fire. It has certainly been two long and hard days for the Tanzania republic.

The economic contribution of the mountain to the country

The Mount Kilimanjaro, maintaining its highest peak in Africa with a height of 5895 meters certainly has a number of tourists with a level of curiosity to see it. As a result, the mountain attracts almost 50,000 tourists within a year. Many of those who attend love to take part in the mountain climbing activity made available by TANAPA. Meanwhile, to ensure the safety of the already visiting tourists, special precautions have been taken into account.

The extent of the fire

According to Shelutete`s tweet, the fire was first spotted in the Whona area. The area serves as a rest center during mountain climbing for those using Mandara and Horombo routes. The deputy head of the college of African Wildlife Management located near the mountain was also in agreement that the fire was huge. The school is located near the mountain hence is easy to get a hold of the fires.

Even as far as Moshi, a town located at the gate of the mountain, one could see the fire. The town serves as a major tourist attraction site for Tanzania due to its three volcanic cones in the vicinity. Luckily enough, the fire was concentrated on the lower parts of Kilimanjaro.

All the help they could get

The students from the college near the mount Kilimanjaro were quick to lend a helping hand to the firefighters and authority in charge. The school management released 264 staff and students to the scene. In fact, the delivery of food and water to the firefighters was hastened by these students. The locals were also ready to help stop the fire. The cause of the fire is yet to be communicated.





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