How Africans are Acting Ahead of China Re-colonization Plan 


Is Africa facing re-colonization? Every person enjoys freedom and self-governance. Just like old times, Africans are afraid of being over-ruled by foreign nations. True, colonization comes with some benefits, but you should not neglect the negative impacts. Some of these effects include defeat, exploitation of minerals as well as hatred of the blacks.

Fear and doubt in African nations are awakening and fuelling actions to oppose colonialism. Take a look at what is going on in Nigeria, where officials are acting ahead of China colonization plan. For instance, police detained two Chinese citizens who took part in illegal mining in Zamfara state.

Unauthorized mining and Re-colonization Strategy

The Nigerian government outlawed all mining actions in Zamfara since 2016 to follow up on armed robbers behind killings in the country. However, the two Chinese nationals in the state did not adhere to the imposed rule. According to the reports, a team led by the state commissioner arrested both, while in their hideout.

The officials suspect the two continued to mine Gold at the Kwali mining site. Police recovered several products such as gold sand, charcoal, chemicals, and other items used for their operations. The accused are to transferred to Abuja for further trial.

One of the leaders notes that the use of chemicals in mining may harm the environment. Muhammad Shehu, a police spokesman in the state, says the arrests followed information received on April 19th. Mr. Shehu also named the Chinese nationals as Messrs and Chun. He also confirmed that both are undergoing questioning.

Uganda anti-corruption digest

Officials found at least 37 Chinese citizens in a tele fraud in Uganda. Reports say that they were running the fraud scheme from a house in the country. Police charged them for being in unlawful ownership of suspected stolen items. Later on, it followed a raid conducted after some people raised concerns. Ugandan police began searches and then revealed the crime.

Re-colonization plan
Re-colonization plan

According to statements, the police seized motherboards of used cell phones and stolen laptops. Records say that after the fraud project, the Chinese gathered and shipped them to China. TV reports show that officials exposed a control room said to have more than 2000 cells, each connected with Ugandan SIM cards. The police inquiry shows that the phones were used for financial crimes, more so on WeChat.

Charles Twine, a speaker of the Criminal Investigation Directorate, says that the Chinese used the phones for messaging and commercial transactions. Charles notes that inquiries show that there were many financial deals done on the platform. Twine says that targets were Chinese who linked Ugandan lines such as artel. Finally, he verifies that in Chinese hideout; the police rescued tortoises, and skins of wildlife guarded species.


African nations are striving to live by their choice, even if it means to remain in the Stone Age era. Many claim that since WW2, the foreigners only provide a lip service of human rights, free market, and democracy but end up building nothing. However, Chinese people have created something to make life better, but now this seems to be a counter-attack.


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