Homeless USA Student Population’ Highest in More Than a Decade.

Tremendous increase for the homeless population

There has been an enormous increase in the USA homeless student population over the past three months. The students have been victims of homelessness because of a variety of reasons. Out of the 1.5 million, about 15% have been housed by friends and relatives while 7% seek asylum in abandoned vehicles and buildings, rather distressing way of life but also a mode of survival. They have taken some victims into foster care. Statistical analysis reveals such an increase achieved before the end of a decade.

The National Centre for Homeless Educations affirmed growth by stating that the students exceeded 263000, which is the center’s capacity. Compared to 2004-2005,2018-2019 has quite an unexpected increase. The homeless students reported of age,3,18, and above 18. The alarming increase has impacted the number of street children too. Statistics have recorded an increase of 137%, which is close to over 102000 within similar past months.


The startling vagrancy has perpetuated with several factors, which include, changing economy, opioid addiction, and unaffordable housing. This closure significantly affects factory laborers, especially if it’s their only means of income. Factory closures contribute to job insecurity leaving many individuals unemployed.

Contributing to their failure to pay rent hence evacuated from their homes. With opioid crises, they estimate that over 2million people are addicted to prescribed medication. This addiction degrades the body functions resulting in e.g., marital conflicts.

Break up among parents not only breaks apart the family but also promotes homelessness for the children. Changing the economy has ties to unaffordable housing hence making it grueling to purchase houses for peasant earners. Because of increasing rent rates, many have been unable to afford proper housing, therefore resorted to shelters in caravans. The situation in California.


Being homeless come along with many problems. Since it results in insecurity as there is a lack of a sense of belonging. Especially for homeless students, they have a hard time concentrating on their academics.  Just a few of them perform but with low grades. Hancock states that the students have difficulty to excel because they have many requirements to accomplish. The chairman of NCHE further stresses that they have exposed the students to trauma, contributing to their failure. He relates their failure to the unstable state of their mind.


Conversely, homelessness can be resolved through measures put in action. For instance, they can substitute the case of unaffordable housing with affordable ones. They would minimize the number of refugees. Reduction in the dependency rate also helps control the country’s budget. Besides, the government needs to aid the victims of homelessness. It can inform the aid of compensation i.e., for the individuals who lost their abode through calamities such as floods. This charitable act gives one motivation and urges to be self-dependent. Other than that, depressed, homeless students traumatized by their situations, can also receive medical therapy to stabilize. The need for psychological guidance is vital in such cases.



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