Ghanaian Plastic Surgeon Offers to help the Gorilla Glue Girl


Tessica Brown, a forty-year-old Ghanaian woman, went viral in Tik Tok after posting a video warning people against using a heavy-duty spray adhesive on hair. In the video, she expressed regret after her hail remained glued despite several attempts to wash. She stated that her hair had not moved since she applied the glue.

The video has earned up to 20 million viewers, with social media critics dubbing her the Gorilla Glue Girl. Of course, she has been troubled since the incident. Despite seeking medical assistance, her hair remained fixed to her head.

How it Started

Mrs. Brown states that she only applied the gorilla glue, considering she did not have the Got2B spray to finish spread her hair down. She never thought that the adhesive would harm her. She cautioned people to completely abstain from using the glue, adding that it was a bad idea.

“When I do my hair, I like to, you know, finish it off with a little Git2Bsoray, to keep it in place. Well, I did not have any Got2B spray, so I used this,” she says, showing the Gorilla Glue spray can. “Bad idea. My hair, it doesn’t move, I’ve washed my hair 15 times, and it doesn’t move.”

Doctor offers Help

As the video sent uproar in social media, Doctor Michael Obeng, a Ghanaian American plastic surgeon, came across it. Mr. Obeng offered to help Mrs. Brown reverse the damage. It looks like Mrs. Brown may soon get relief after Dr. Obeng said he could get the glue off her hair through a procedure that involves the use of a medical-grade glue remover. Sources reported that Mrs. Brown flew on Wednesday from Louisiana to Los Angeles.

And it is alleged that the procedure would take between two to three days to be completed. Meanwhile, the actual cost to reverse the situation is 12500 dollars. However, for Mrs. Brown’s case, Dr. Obeng has offered to perform it for free.

Other than Dr. Obeng, a GoFundMe Programme founded to help Mrs. Brown has raised over 17000 dollars, surpassing the 1.500 dollars target. Brown is lucky to be a victim of circumstance with a massive response.


Gorilla Glue Company Reaction

Upon hearing of Mrs. Brown’s unfortunate incident, the Glue Company issued a statement on Monday expressing their sincere apologies to the lady, stating that they were glad she received medical attention. In the meantime, TMZ reported that Mrs. Brown was thinking of suing the company as she felt that their warning against the adhesive being used on hair was misleading.

However, according to the product description on the glue can, the adhesive’s purpose is to bond material like wood, metal, fabric, plastic, glass, etc. It strictly states that it should not be applied to the skin, eyes, or clothing.

“This is a unique situation because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent. Our spray adhesive states in the warning label do not swallow, do not get in eyes or skin,” they said.


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