Fawzia Yusuf Adams, the Somali woman running for president


Ladies are at the forefront of fighting for the freedom of citizens in Africa. A former foreign minister from Somalia is viewing the presidency. The Somali woman lawmaker has been in government for more than a decade and she understand almost everything.


Hon. Yusuf Fawzia Adam knows the challenges that she might face while trying to win the election. Somali is a Muslim-dominated country where the female gender has been marginalized for a long time. She will face harsh competition from male candidates.  Some of her colleagues and friends have already seen a blackout for Fawzie becoming their next president.


Adam is a mother of three young adults and a widow. Recently, she has been hosting a mild campaign across the country. In every district, she has set aside a team that represents her party. Yusuf believes her campaign will break barriers to allowing other women to be leaders. She vowed to do all it takes to show that women are capable of leading the nation.


She admitted that her gender could help Somalia come out of the deadly violence they have had for many years. There have been devastating issues by AL-Shabaab who are said to attack many nations including Kenya. The extremist group originated from al-Qaeda and is a threat to Somalia and its neighboring countries.


Mr.Fawzia Adama told The Associated Press that as a woman, she will bring peace and stability across the nation. Young and old people will respect her laws and decisions. For the past 30 years, Somalia has experienced mayhem. Young people are at risk. Leaders have been stirring in involving the youth to fight and kill each other. The explosives are going to affect the rest of the innocent people in the country.


The lady has seen insecurity cases in Somalia. The country is having a problem in the judiciary sector which runs to the security level. She promised to put the arms of the government working together towards achieving the target goals.


Somalia has one of the poorly equipped health sectors in Africa. There have always been deaths that could have been avoided. Less health unit means poor immunity of the people. The unemployment rate has also risen among the graduate youth who were very ambitious about their dreams. Will Fawzia uplift all these sectors as she has promised?


Although the campaign is on, Adam has managed to have a low profile due to the covid-19 pandemic and insecurities. She has said that the health rules must be followed and she is not going to practice unlawful strategies to win the election. Other candidates have been seen making campaigns without masks and that is very risky. The life of the common citizen should be looked into. Poor regions in Somalia have experienced many deaths due to the Covid-19 virus.


One of the top women Adam has in hand is Fatuma Muhamed whose husband died because of Covid-19. The lady currently lives in a camp with thousands of other people in Mogadishu. Insecurities and droughts have led to an increase in the camp population. Mohammed now struggles to raise the two children as a single mother. Sometimes she goes scanning the laundry to get a living. She said that no one had come to the rescue.


Adam flew from her hometown of Hargeisa to Mogadishu after joining politics; her late husband was a general. She fled because the hometown politicians saw her as a threat and her life was in danger. It was then that she formed a political party ‘National Democratic Party’ which even led to her being the deputy prime minister.

Somalians are ready to vote after the elections got delayed pandemic.



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