Fashion and Racism


Fashion is a way of style either in the form of decoration, hair, clothing, footwear, or accessories. It is a form of expression at a given period or setting. Styles convey cultural, social, symbolic, or ways of a class. Over many years, fashion has developed and grown in overall. New and beautiful ideas of style have come up, and this has also brought about controversial issues such as racism.

Story of Naomi Campbell’s Fashion

She is a renowned supermodel in the world. Recently she went through a fashion racism act in that she was snubbed in a fashion campaign. This was due to her dark skin, and this shocked her.

Gucci woolen jumper

This famous brand came up with an article of clothing that was offensive. It covered the lower half of the face, which resembled a half ski-mask and a red design that looked like a cut-out around the mouth area. This design was considered very inappropriate since it resembled the blackface. A similar case happened with Prada, in which they came up with a blackface keyholder. They then apologized to the audience on social media.

Comme Des Garcon racism case

This Japanese brand came up with an idea of white guys having cornrow wigs, but the critics on the internet said that it was offensive and questioned cultural appropriateness. Julien d’Ys says his inspiration came about from an Egyptian prince, and he decided to try out the design out of good intent.

He received a bunch of negative comments in her social media concerning the picture. His design portrayed that had a touch with race.

Dolce and Gabbana racist ad

D&G experienced quite a difficult time. They wanted to promote their brand, but it turns out not so well. They did this advertisement using a Chinese model known as Zuo Ye, whereby she was to eat Italian delicacy using chopsticks, and the people were not pleased with it. Some people who had retail shops in the country started removing the brand’s products in their stores.

This almost made the model to lose her job, and her career was virtually from getting over. This forced it to cancel a promising fashion show that was to be held in Shanghai. 

Swedish fashion brand H&M and GAP

It experienced a race issue concerning the children’s wear, whereby they created a hoodie which was imprinted with a negative slogan written as ‘Coolest monkey in the Jungle,’ and this led to people refusing to buy its products.

GAP was involved in the same case of racial discrimination through an advert whereby a tall white girl rested her arm on a short black girl’s head, and this upset its customers.

Fashion Institute of Technology

FIT is a US fashion school that has recently gone through the terror of its audience due to the racism issue. Jonathan Kyle Farmer, the chair of Fashion Design course, organized catwalk shows. The models were advised to wear fake lips and ears. One of the models by the name Amy Lefevre felt uncomfortable about the whole idea, but they insisted that she should try the runway and this hurt her a lot.

The chair of the Modern Arts Fashion Design course sincerely apologized to the fans of the show.



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