Ethiopia Violence Exceeds; citizens Flee to Sudan for Refuge


Conflicts continue to disturb Ethiopia. The effects trickle down to the civilians and innocent people in the war tone Ethiopia regions. This time around, the disturbance emanates from the Metekel Zone of the Benishangul-Gumuz. The northern Tigray conflict effects continue to affect the Ethiopians as well. The Metekel zone has resulted in the migration of more than 7,000 people to Sudan. This is despite the rising tensions between the two countries over the number of refugees in the country. UN refugee agency confirms the presence of the refugees and the strains between the East African countries.

Violence in Ethiopia

The most commonly known conflict in Ethiopia is the Tigray region. It has resulted from differences between two political leaders unable to see each other eye to eye. The Metekel conflicts arise from interethnic differences between Ethiopia communities. It also marks the same region where the Tigray wars stem from. In these two conflicts in Ethiopia, Sudan continues to harbor most of the refugees.

Sudan, Ethiopia`s fortress

During the Tigray war, Ethiopians sought help in Sudan. A total of more than 61,000 Ethiopians camped in the al-Qadarif and Kasala provinces of Sudan. According to the UNHCR in Ethiopia, more than 7000 Ethiopians are seeking asylum from the Sudan government. In fact, it is believed that they have been sheltering among some Sudanese host communities. The UNHCR has been working hand in hand with local authorities in the Blue Nile province in receiving the Ethiopians.

Metekel a war zone

The Metekel conflicts in Ethiopia date back to three months ago in December. According to the Ethiopia human rights commission report, there are more than 180 casualties due to massacres. Metekel alone has experienced two massacres, one in December and another in January. The Gumuz ethnic group made a gruesome attack on the Amhara, Oromo, and Shinasha ethnic groups. Houses burnt down, people being shot and stabbed.

Efforts from the Ethiopia government to settle the matter

Ethiopia houses more than 80 ethnic groups. The country`s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, is making efforts to try and foster national unity. However, the matter seems to be out of hand following the rising tensions between him and Sudan. Apparently, the countries have a conflict between border disputes. Moreover, the two states are not on the same page concerning the dam under construction in the Blue Nile.



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