Ethiopia Expels Seven UN officials


Seven UN officials got expelled on Thursday. The Ethiopian state announced the matter late that same day. All issue arises because of the war that is going on between the government and the Tigray. The nation is yet to settle the matter.


The government went clear to condemn diplomats for interfering with the internal politics of the nation. There is much pressure on the executive teams. They have to remove the blockade that is in the Northern Region, where Tigray lives. The board thinks that the nation itself should handle the political matter involving internal affairs.


Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General spokesman, admitted his boss’s feelings about the situation. However, he went ahead and said that the UN operators have their constitution. Their welfare is taken care of by a neutral board. They have their independence, humanity, and impartiality laws.


The UN board has been of help to the Ethiopians. They deliver food, water, sanitation supplies, and also medicine. They are always ahead to make sure the welfare of the needy people is catered for. He continued ‘I have full confidence in the UN staff who are in Ethiopia doing this work.”


The supplied items are only for those people who want humanitarian assistance. An associate spokesman for the UN General Secretary, Stephanie Trembley Antonio, said the UN is negotiating with the Ethiopian government to return these expelled staff. They have to pass the correct path before expelling UN officials. The work they are making sounds like good Samaritans. They only receive a token at the end of the month. But those workers have done a great job; they deserve good treatment.


The expelled UN humanitarian staff members were at their location distributing foodstuff to the Tigray. The Ethiopian government felt bad, and it decided to fire them. But that’s not their mistake; they are trying to promote equality to all human beings. One of the workers denied the accusations when confronted by the media.


The United States has joined the UN condemns the action taken by the Ethiopian government. The leadership of the United Nations should be done purely by its board. The government has no mandate to take action into its own hands.  A White House press Secretary, Jen Psaki, had this to say “This is a stain on our collective conscience, and it must stop.”


The Tigray host almost 6 million residents. They have fought for almost a year now. The neighboring countries have tried to intervene between the kingdom and the Ethiopian national government. The cause behind the war is unknown. It’s only the common citizens who suffer in the end.


The UN has recently had a rough time talking to its ambassadors in Ethiopia. Statistics reported that only a few humanitarian supplies got to the expected needy regions. It sounds like there is an intermediary who divides the items into two. The UN board is yet to take any action against the matter. But they have urged the Ethiopian government to allow its workers to perform duties t all the communities to avoid bias.



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