Ethiopia Ban Flights Over a Huge Dam “For Security Matters”


How the construction of the Nile river affects the Ethiopia aviation system is a detail that has been left out by the authorities in charge. But for the sake of security reasons and saving lives, it would be best to heed to their warnings and guidelines. The dam is expected to begin generating its power in 12 months. It will emerge to be the biggest power generating plant in the continent for export. For now, the Ethiopia ban on flights will have challenges to its neighbor countries

The Ethiopia ban will Impact on neighboring countries.

There are tensions between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt about the operation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian prime minister, explained to the united nations that there was no ill intended on Sudan and Egypt concerning the dam’s operations. This was after the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi voiced his concerns concerning the project.

There was no agreement between the three states concerning the operation of the dam. However, in July, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, went ahead and filled the reservoir behind the dam. Within the same month, the first reservoir was already full.  The rains contributed a great deal to help fill it up.

Structure of the dam

Those who don’t know the Nile river begins from Egypt all the way down to Lake Victoria in Uganda. It is the longest river in Africa. The proposed dam is expected to stretch over a 15km distance. That is approximately 9 miles. Moreover, its tributary in Egypt is beneficial to the Egyptians. 90% of the freshwater from the Nile gets to serve 100 million residents in the country.

The dam is suited with two giant-sized hydropower dams. They are both expected to fill up by the end of 12 months. Two turbines have been set to help with the generation of power. With such an investment underway, one can only expect to have great returns. We can see why Ethiopia is n a rush to use this investment, from this point of view.

Foreign aid on the dam construction

The erupting dispute between these three countries over the dam has had some major setback on the Ethiopian state. The united states decided to pull out its $100 million funds to aid in overseeing the dam’s realization. Consequently, the construction cost might prove to be too expensive for Ethiopia now,

According to an identified official of the US state department, the US reason to pull back their financial aids lies in the disagreements. Ethiopia took upon itself to decide to fill up the reservoir with no consultation from the other states.



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