Dr. Chris Talks About Elections, Democracy and Challenges in Africa


The coronavirus has affected the African continent in major ways especially on its economic sector and democracy. Elections being a top priority in Africa, coronavirus disease is going to affect it in big ways. Burundi held its election in May. People gathered in political rallies being aware of the social distancing rule. This issue raised concern to the World Health Organization demanding reasons for holding the rallies. Besides, Burundi went ahead and sacked one of the WHO’s representative. Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh went to an interview to answer some of the challenges Africa faces especially how COVID-19 is going to affect the elections. Dr. Chris is an expert on democratization in the continent.

Postponement Of Elections Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The expert talks about different approaches that African countries are employing to handle their elections. He points out various countries such as Burundi and Mali that conducted their general elections in May and April respectively. Tanzania and Malawi are still contemplating if they should still go ahead and conduct elections amid the coronavirus. Ethiopia is considering scheduling its elections at another time.

Using Technology To Reduce Costs During Elections

During this coronavirus pandemic, authorities have imposed measures that affect the normal routine and costs of elections. For example, the social distancing rule discourages the gathering of supporters during political rallies. This is because public gatherings will increase the rate of coronavirus infection. Therefore, political leaders and parties will need to use media and modern technology to communicate with citizens. Citizen firms must send their reports or information using mobile phones and computers.

Dr. Chris Discusses The Pandemic Affecting The Democratic Institutions

The coronavirus disease is going to affect the democracy and democratic institutions in the continent. Fomunyoh talks about states that follow and do not follow the democratic way of ruling. He says that in countries whose governments do not follow the democratic way of the ruling may use the pandemic’s excuse to re-apply the executive powers. Whereas in countries that follow the democratic way of ruling, the act of democracy may be stronger than before in the end.

Dr, Chris Emphasizes On The Need For Kindness Among African Rulers

In the past 20 years, some African rulers decided to be supporters of the democratic way of ruling. Besides, these leaders ensure power does not stay in one person and that organizers conduct general elections in a better way. However, some leaders support dictatorship making it challenging for people to get involved in trustworthy elections.

Dr. Chris Talks On The Effects Of Anti-Graft Initiatives On Better Control

There is an ongoing high-profile case in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The case is about president Felix’s Chief of Staff corruption. The Congolese are keenly monitoring the corruption case as they want to decide whether that is a true way to stop corruption. The act of corruption affects the welfare of people in a very negative way. Dr. Chris says that if justice prevails and the judicial system conducts the case in an honest way, there would be a turn-around in the continent. People in government offices will learn the negative effects of corruption in a country and its economy. Furthermore, people will acknowledge the responsibility of the judiciary in our systems.



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