DP Ruto Heckled at Bomas of Kenya During Unveiling of BBI Report


Well, one thing is for sure, the truth hurts. The deputy president Ruto on 26th October was very adamant to shed some light on the proposed BBI that was being launched. His review of the initiative was met with unfiltered levels of criticism that he openly addressed during the launch. After all, everyone was granted the freedom of expression that gave him the right to utter his opinion. As his fellow leaders were busy advocating for its approval and immediate effect, Ruto was very careful and took his time to analyze the very laws that he was about to bind himself with through the initiative.

Deputy President view on the BBI

Ruto proved to be unafraid when he took the mandate to breakdown some of the rules that according to him needed to be reviewed further. He openly rebuked the winner takes it all mentality that the BBI strongly advocated for.  The prime minister and two assistant positions were rather created, in which the president would be the overall appointer. The big question now poses to the other political aspirants, who apparently might lose office.

He further ridiculed the initiative for failing to address the issues of the youth and the poverty in the country. Unemployment is a great problem facing many Kenyans today. Serving the interests of the Kenyan citizens should remain a top priority even in the formation of new initiatives, however, the BBI overlooks this aspect. Ruto urges that further consideration towards the matter be addressed with considerations in further investment. Guaranteed Minimum Returns to be offered to farmers as well.

Inside the Building Bridges Initiative

Moreover, the ombudsman of the judiciary brought forward by the BBI aims to only strip the court system of its independence. He further suggested the establishment of High courts in five counties that lacked the particular system in play. He strongly condemned the nomination of IEBC commissioners by politicians.

On the issue pertaining to the senators, Ruto added that with the 35% increase, more roles need to be assigned to the senators. He also lamented on how women would be unable to voice their concerns on resource allocation. For reasons of a few numbers in the national assembly. He was also displeased with the fact that the senate powers would be reduced. For this reason, he put more emphasis to make the Senate the upper house. the senate should also be made to oversee the usage of funds.

The unkind stakeholders

Despite highlighting these factors, he was met with uncouth respondents that were chanting all over “respect the president”. However, the deputy president was not about to be silenced without completely airing his views. Afterward, he welcomed the president to give his speech pertaining to the BBI report.



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