Chinese EV Battery Manufacturer BTR to Construct Cathode Plant in Morocco

Chinese EV Battery Manufacturer BTR to Construct Cathode Plant
China EV battery maker BTR to build cathode plant in Morocco - Times of India

Chinese EV Battery Manufacturer BTR to Construct Cathode Plant in Morocco

On March 29, the Moroccan government approved a proposal by Chinese electric battery manufacturer BTR New Material Group to construct a factory near Tangier for producing a crucial component, cathode. The investment ministry of Morocco stated that the plant, estimated to cost 3 billion dirhams ($300 million), will have a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

According to the ministry’s statement issued after the investment deal signing with BTR, the factory is projected to begin its operations in September 2026, with an initial output of 25,000 tonnes. Moroccan authorities have frequently highlighted the country’s suitability for electric vehicle (EV) battery factories due to its established automotive industry, renewable energy sectors, and access to raw materials like cobalt and phosphates.

Stellantis-owned Citroen currently operates a plant in Kenitra, northwest Morocco, capable of producing 50,000 supermini electric cars. Additionally, Renault and Stellantis-owned Peugeot manufacture combustion-engine cars in Morocco, which also serves as a hub for several car parts manufacturers.

Morocco’s strategic location, combined with its automotive expertise and availability of resources, makes it an attractive destination for companies looking to establish EV-related infrastructure. The government’s support for initiatives like the BTR New Material Group’s factory underscores its commitment to developing the country’s EV ecosystem.

The investment in EV battery production aligns with global trends towards sustainable transportation and renewable energy. By positioning itself as a hub for EV manufacturing, Morocco aims to capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles while contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

The establishment of the cathode production facility near Tangier is expected to create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the region. Moreover, it enhances Morocco’s status as a key player in the global automotive industry and strengthens its position as a preferred investment destination in Africa.

Overall, the approval of BTR New Material Group’s factory reflects Morocco’s proactive approach to promoting innovation, sustainability, and economic development. It signals the country’s readiness to embrace the transition to electric mobility and seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving automotive sector.


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