African Countries Granting Visa On Arrival.

Visa is a sort of permission entry required by countries from foreigners who are coming into their country. Moreso, Visa can only be granted to a traveler while in his country, describing his purpose of visit to the other country. Some of the purposes of a Visa include; Study, Business, and Tourism. With this, the other country can permit a foreigner’s entrance into their country. Africa is the world’s second-largest continent occupied by men of black skin. And there are 54 countries that makeup Africa, this means it has a large landmass of the world. There are different rule of Law across different African countries mostly because of their colonial masters. Therefore traveling within Africa countries requires a visa or passport.

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We have often heard stories of the deportation of people from a particular country back to their land of birth. Such stories usually fill the news but yet we know that a lot of Africans gain entrance into neighboring African countries without a visa. Most times this is because they share boundaries and some of these countries are visa-free. For example, a Nigerian can visit some visa-free countries like Barbados. Burkina Faso, Chad, Fiji, etc in Africa as long as he has a Nigerian national passport.

However, the African Union had a goal of integrating and enabling free movement of Africans within its continent. And today we can say thanks to the recent progress of free movement that on the rise for African Travellers. Now, for the first time, Africans can travel across 51% of the continent. This means accessing more than half African countries without visas.

African Countries Granting Visa On Arrival

Yeah, one could wonder why African countries are granting visas on arrival to other African since there are some Visa-free countries in Africa. This is because the visa-free countries are only a hand full which means a greater part of the continent requires visas as their entry permit. Hence, the movement of Africans within the continent was limited and somewhat challenging because of visas. It is not surprising that many can not afford a visa because of the outrageous cost that favors the rich.

Moreso, according to the Africa Development Bank’s Visa Openness Index for 2019; 26% of the 51% of countries that Africans can access freely offer visas on arrival. However, the other 25% do not require prior visas from African travelers, qz

Some of these African countries granting visas to African travelers on arrival include;

  1. Nigeria; It is described as the giant of Africa and it has earned the mark as the largest African economy. It has committed to begin issuing visas to all African travelers on arrival.
  2. Sierra Leone; in order to promote tourism and attract foreign investors to the country. The government has made commitments to grant visa on arrival to Africans visiting the country. This is to say that Africans do not need to apply for a permit before visiting Sierra Leone. Although those from the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) can access the country without a visa on them.

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