570,000 Flee Northern Mozambique for Safety


Cabo Delgado Province in Northern Mozambique has had its share of violence, especially in the year 2020. Militant attacks have distracted the peace of the region completely. Deaths have become the norm. People have lost loved ones. Insecurity has hit the core of the people in Cabo Delgado province. The Mozambique President, Filipe Nyusi, confirms that 570,000 people have been forced to flee Northern Mozambique. He has additionally vowed to suppress anyone who launches attacks on his people. Especially if you are a member of the Islamic terror group disrupting people’s peace in Northern Mozambique.

Cabo Delgado crisis

The jihadist insurgence in Cabo Delgado is alarming. A complete violation of human rights. The killings are in the form of execution. Reports claim that anyone who refuses to join the group is met with a cruel death. In fact, a recent attack left 52 villagers massacred by the group only because they refused to join the Islamists’ ranks.

Homes have been burnt to ashes, women raped, and even children kidnapped. A state that has mandated the surviving persons to evacuate to safer regions. Nearly the end of October, over 400,000 people flee from the region. As of Wednesday, the president confirmed the number to have risen to 570,000.

The terror group

The group has identified itself as Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama. The group dates back to 2017 with their first-ever attacks. They are known for their ruthless killings, which include beheading their victims. Their allegiance to the Islamic State took root in June 2019 since the attacks have been numerous and gruesome.

The US coordinator for counterterrorism, Nathan Sales, confirmed the Group as a threat. In fact, Nathan states the group is associated with an Islamic state and is very committed to its course. Additionally, the group adds to the terror groups in the world and as a result, is a threat to security globally.

Mozambique`s efforts to curb terror in the Northern region

The president declared war on any person fighting the people, especially the terror group. Steps towards addressing the matter have already taken root. Recently the president has welcomed foreign aid to help the refugees and people affected by the terrors. Moreover, strategies to level up the security have been put in place. In response to Mozambique`s cry for help, Portugal agreed to train its soldiers.

Nonetheless, due to the war effects trickling down to Tanzania, the two nations have to fight the group. Currently, most of the people who have fled are camping in Niassa, Nampula, and Pempa provinces. However, there are fears that the wrangles might cross the borders of Mozambique.










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