10 States with The Highest Standards of Roads In Africa


Infrastructure development is one of the factors that greatly determines the level of economic growth in any country. For example, if a government intends to invest in the transportation sector, let’s say on road development, the economic growth level may increase. This is because when a country has good roads, its productivity level tends to do better. There are few cases of time lost in traffic jams etc.


In Africa, many countries do not have a good road network system. However, some nations are doing better in the transportation sector. In the recent rankings, United Arab, Singapore, and Switzerland have excellent roads around the globe. The Democratic Republic of Congo is among the nations that are struggling to improve its road network system.


The following are the African nations that are doing better in the transportation sector, especially on roads.

#1 Namibia

It has a score of 5.2 and it is the 23rd country with the best roads in the globe’s rankings. The country has defeated nations with great economies like India and China. It has over 41,000 km of nation maintained roads that make traveling safe, easy, and a great experience.

#2 South Africa

It has a score of 5. SA has a population of over 55m inhabitants. It is the 29th state with the best road network according to the world’s rankings. It has one of the biggest road network system in the globe. The national road that links the 9th provinces of the country consists, N1, N2, N7, and N12.


#3 Rwanda

Rwanda has a score of 5. The country is south of the equator line. Its authorities have made huge investments in the transport sector with help from foreign states. Moreover, the government has maintained the state’s primary roads very well. National roads, both paved and unpaved, in the better state stand at over 70%.

#4 Ivory Coast

Has a score of 4.7. Its government has heavily invested in the transport infrastructure as it is modernizing the transport system for people and products. The neighboring states depending on the county’s transport network for exporting and importing.

#5 Mauritius

It has a score of 4.7 and a surface area of only 2040 square kilometers. Its transportation network has roadways, ports, and airports. There are over 2000-6 km of roads. Over 45% are major roads, about 29% are free secondary roads, and less than 4% are motorways.

#6 Morocco

Has a score of 4.4 and is famous as a top place or destination for tourists. Its authorities invested in rural infrastructure, providing access to better roads. The N2 road is a state road in the country that links Tangier with Oujda in North East. It is number 55 on global rankings.

#7 Kenya

Has a score of 4.2 and has a network of both paved and unpaved roads. There are more than 10 airports that have paved runways. There is more than 160,000 km of roads.


#8 Botswana

Has a score of 4.1 and has paved and unpaved roads and highways.


#9 Cape Verde

Cape Verde has a score of 4.1. The national government and municipalities control the road network of the state. The total length of the road network is over 1000km, of which 1113 km are national roads and over 500 km are municipal roads. There are no railways in the country.


#10 Senegal

Has a score of 4 and is at number 10 in the African chart of countries with the best roads this year. Globally is at number 71.



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