Zimbabwe Authorities Launch Search Operation for Australian Tourist Missing 9+ Days.

Zimbabwe Authorities Launch Search Operation for Australian

Zimbabwe Authorities Launch Search Operation for Australian

An Australian tourist, aged 67, has been reported missing in Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls, and officials now reveal that he had been unaccounted for almost a week before the search was initiated. The tourist, traveling alone, had been staying at a luxury hotel approximately 3 kilometers from Victoria Falls National Park. The last contact with the missing individual was on February 17, as reported by Tinashe Farawo, the spokesperson for Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The tourist informed the hotel management that he was heading to the park on the mentioned date. However, subsequent investigations, including a review of CCTV footage and entrance records, revealed no evidence of him entering the park. Farawo stated, “We have reviewed the footage, the physical records at the entrance to the falls have no record of him entering, and our research team has checked the rainforest. There is no trace of him.” The absence of the tourist’s entry into the rainforest, a customary security measure, raises concerns and prompts officials to explore other avenues in the search efforts.

Victoria Falls, a renowned tourist destination, attracts thousands of visitors globally due to its spectacular waterfall, which descends over 108 meters from the Zambezi River, creating a mist visible for miles. Such incidents of missing tourists are infrequent in this area. The parks agency has mobilized a comprehensive search team, including police, rangers, sniffer dogs, ground trackers, and drones, to locate the Australian tourist.

While rare, similar incidents have occurred in other parks. Last October, a German tourist went missing in Matusadona National Park in northern Zimbabwe but was found alive and well after three days. The current situation raises concerns for the well-being and safety of the missing Australian tourist, emphasizing the need for an exhaustive search effort and investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Authorities actively pursue all available leads and avenues to ensure the individual’s swift and safe return, maintaining the safety and security of tourists visiting the Victoria Falls region.


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