Why Windows update is important for your system

Why windows update is so important
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Microsoft’s operating system is now the most used operating system for personal computers in the world. Microsoft has been updating its latest version ‘Windows 10’ for years. Presently, there’s no news regarding its newest windows edition, but it seems Microsoft has decided to continue releasing an update for Windows 10. The question is how important is the Window 10 update? Is it beneficial? Microsoft decided to release updates for Windows 10 to improve its services, solve bug issues, and fix necessary security threats. They have also enabled you to install recent updates with previous updates that you might have missed. While also making update installations compulsory for all editions of Windows 10.

How Microsoft update works

It is vital to install updates to your Windows 10 especially when you encounter a lot of problems. Windows 10 checks for updates automatically every day. But, you can check for them manually whenever you desire to install them. A specific time is stipulated for update checks in different regions, and this technique was implemented to prevent the breakdown of their servers. The updates are not necessary for Windows to function. But, they are essential to prevent unauthorized users from exploiting flaws and further gaining access to your computer.

Microsoft is determined to reduce defects on its operating system, and every discovered security loopholes must be fixed before the deployment of new updates. Most of the updates enable new features in Windows 10 and also fix software problems; therefore, installing windows updates might be useful in safeguarding your essential information. It includes information like bank account information, social security, address, phone number, card number, and much more.

While browsing the internet, it is important to keep your data safe. Especially when accessing them to prevent an unauthorized user from breaking into your email enabling end-user access. So, while it might be tiresome to install a large number of updates once per month. It is advisable you do it frequently.

Does it give you challenges when installing

Also, Microsoft recently changed the way PCs are updated; starting with Windows 10 and other new versions, there would be a special build for Windows 10 twice a year. The problem with this is that it’s challenging to know the latest version number of Windows 10 and other subsequent Windows. So, with all these problems why didn’t Microsoft build Windows and their other software to be more secure in the first place?

I think they could have done an excellent job in making this happen. As it seems a large number of updates will have to be installed, causing a significant amount of data to be consumed. Furthermore, because of its importance, it is targeted by several hackers around the world; I think this could be the reason why Microsoft has decided to expand its update features.

Many times, updates take a longer time to complete or finalize, making your PC freeze at a particular stage during the process. Can this problem be solved in such a way that installing updates will become smooth and effective? Complaints have also been lodged concerning the misbehavior of Windows 10 after update installation; many at times, undoing the updates fixes many problems caused by the Windows updates.

How the challenges are solved

Does Microsoft test these updates before they are released? I believe they do, as a code of conduct for any software is to ensure that the software is tested before it is released. I think the issue could be that some software or driver has problems with the update or that some information was missed during testing.

Reports have been coming in that Microsoft is very adamant in making sure all updates have fewer bugs. Over one million computers run Windows in the world. And if there’s any serious problem with an update, it will be solved immediately. So, the actual cause of these errors might be a poorly developed driver or software on your computer.



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