To Be A Single Woman In Africa- What Women go through


It is on the record of how being a single woman in Africa got exploitation in the past. Women would get hidden by the men, and they usually take all vital decisions. These men could either be the dads, the brothers, or the husbands. The African woman did not have freedom of speech. However, the African attitude towards this is slowly changing, and one can notice a lot of difference. The women are advising their daughters to stop depending on men. The number of educated women is gradually increasing each year. Many African women are getting postgraduates and even doctorate degrees. The current African woman is now running her own business.

African men get much importance that they even abuse women physically in public. A husband could slap his wife on the road, and that’s okay for people. They considered it valid since the African culture permitted it. However, this is slowly ending with the current woman trying to break the chains. They are freeing themselves from the family prison. But, only those women that get an education can live a life with fewer sufferings.

Struggles of a Single Woman in Africa

It requires a lot of knowledge and courage to be a single woman in Africa. The society does not give them enough respect. But as long as the woman can afford her bills, she can be able to live comfortably.  Those women that have separated with their husband are treated loosely by these African men. It has been a problematic issue for an African woman to manage sexual harassment. But the good thing is, in the 21st century the situation is slowly changing.

In those days, if an African woman got a divorce, she was subjected to prostitution. This was because the bride price given out by the husband was to be repaid. Hence, the woman and her family had to look for money to pay back. The women were not allowed to do businesses; therefore, let with prostitution option only to earn the required payment.

The modern African woman can now work to earn her own money. They are getting employed in big companies; others are setting up their own business hence making a decent living. However, gender violence, as well as sexual harassment, is still prevalent in most parts of the continent.

End Result of being a Single Mother in Africa

Single women number is increasing as these women are no longer interested in getting in a marriage bond again. Today these women are working towards bringing up their kids. Single women in Africa live a stressful life more than any other part of the world. In the last few years, the modern African woman has been able to bring up their kids without the help of a man. For the sons who are brought up by single mothers, they end up changing their surname s to their mothers. This is because they understand the pains their mothers went through because of them. This shows the importance of an African woman has become in recent days. Also, it’s a positive sign of women in Africa who decides to live as singles.