Why fruit vending Business is popular in Kenya

Fruit vending business in Kenya

Fruit vending has become one of the most popular business opportunities in Kenya available especially for youths. The good thing about fruit vending is that it also don’t require much capital to start. It is easy to run and it is also paying because many people drink juice. This business has earned many Kenyans income and this is one of the reasons why fruit vending business is popular in Kenya.

There are several testimonies about fruit vending in Kenya including from those who never stepped their feet in a classroom. There are also those graduates who never got a job and decided to venture in fruit vending. It is one business that have saved many families in Kenya.

1. Fruit vending is profitable and require less capital to start

One thing about venturing in fruit vending business is that you will never regret! The only investment you need to start this business is the money to purchase equipment and rent. After that a higher profit is guaranteed. It is quite simple to start and run this business. This is why many Kenyans who have ventured in this business have surely thrived. It has therefore attracted many more Kenyans who have also tried and have succeeded.

2. Availability of customers

Many Kenyans have realized the benefits of taking fresh juice on a regular basis. This has provided an opportunity in fruit vending and many People have discovered the need to venture in the business. There are always ready customers yearning for fruit juice.

3. Being one’s own boss

This is another reason why this business is so popular in Kenya. Many don’t like being ruled around so they start this kind of business since they control everything. Once you own a fruit vending business, you are the one who decides what’s to be done. You control how your business operates and grows. You can decide whether you want it bigger or smaller.

The fact that this business gives people powers to run it all by themselves makes it even hotter in Kenya. It is also one of the reasons behind its rapid growth and very soon, it will take over many businesses.

4. Reduced risks

In every investment, there is an element of risk. Venturing in a business like fruit vending business reduces the risks the entrepreneur may have to take to start a business. This is because you are likely to start this business in a small scale so financial risks are greatly reduced.

5. Starting fruit vending business does not involve a long process

For one to start a fruit vending business, he/she require a letter from county public health officer. Once you have that, you free to go. Other requirements may include a daily tax for the county government of Ksh. 50 daily and proper hygiene.


The main reasons why fruit vending business is popular in Kenya is because it is profitable, require small capital and the fact that it has ready customers. This has enabled many Kenyans to venture into the business without fail. It’s convenient especially where many students reside. This business is popular in universities and colleges and students who are business minded have largely benefited from this.






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