empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunities

Empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunities

Kenya has one of the highest youth populations in the world. 75% of the total population in Kenya are individuals below 30 years. The economy would present the greatest workforce if youths could be more productive.  There is a need to empower the youths in Kenya for a better tomorrow. Empowering means enabling the learner to lead a satisfying life. The high level of poverty in Kenya necessitates the need for empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunities.

The need for youth empowerment

The fundamental goal of empowering youths is definitely to alleviate poverty and improve the standards of living of Kenyans. Empowerment is vital in promoting the economic development of a country. So, to push Kenya forward, youths need to be aware of the available opportunities and put them to productive use. Empowerment of the children on economic opportunities is the most effective mean of confronting the present and the future economic challenges of the country.

The creation of awareness is a crucial factor for youth empowerment. If youths must get out of their comfort zone, they need to know their rights as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution as well as their societal obligations. So, promoting the rights of the youth would be the number one concern. Knowing their rights is the first step in paving the way for a better future.

The youths in Kenya will remain a significant share of the total population, even soon. Any failure to provide appropriate economic opportunities could have adverse effects on the economic growth of the nation.

The level of youth engagement in the development process is shallow in Kenya. The government needs to understand how important youth involvement could be to this nation. Youth unemployment in Kenya has led to an increase in crimes such as prostitution, rape cases, and robbery. These incidents have resulted in many deaths in the country.

The government, though have tried to curb the issue of youth unemployment. There is still a lot to be done if we have to move forward. Empowering Kenyan youth on economic opportunities is the key to achieving better national income.

 Top 4 economic opportunities for youths in Kenya

  1. Online writing

The worst thing about being a youth is a financial breakdown. It reaches a time when you need money, and there is no sufficient source of that cash. But you need it anyway. Many youths in Kenya are familiar with online writing, so it’s not something new. Writing sites like upwork pay so well, especially if you are committed to your work. Youths in Kenya can make use of this opportunity and earn income from it. The problem is we do have the potential, but we are not aware of the potential.

online writing as a means of empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunitiesempowering Kenyan youth on economic opportunities

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  1. Juice production business

Many Kenyans prefer taking blended juice to those made in the industries. Juice production business could get you out of your comfort zone and make some money.

  1. Start a gaming center

Many Kenyans love games, and you will always find gaming centers full of people. This tells you that it is a paying business with a highly promising income. So start saving money and buy yourself the materials you need to set up a gaming center.

empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunities

  1. Venturing into the farming business

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy. Youths in Kenya can venture into agriculture since it has high promising rewards as well.

empowering Kenyan youths on economic opportunities

  • Take away: The chances of getting employed in Kenya are getting lower and lower with the high number of degree holders Kenya produces every year. It is time the government develops appropriate strategies with a different approach to empowering the youths and creating more opportunities for them. The government should also recognize the need to engage youths in development programs since they are the leaders of tomorrow.







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