Why Are There So Few Coronavirus Cases In Africa and Russia?

Why Are There So Few Coronavirus Cases In Africa and Russia?
Why Are There So Few Coronavirus Cases In Africa and Russia?

COVID19 outbreak began in Wuhan, and since then, several countries in the world are facing this challenge too. More than a hundred countries are in danger of the coronavirus disease. 

Countries such as China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, France, and Iran are among the ones with the largest cases on record. The United States and the United Kingdom have an escalating state of COVID19 cases.

There have been questions concerning other countries experiencing low or no cases of disease cases. For example, in Russia, despite having strong relations with China, it has 

low cases on record (63 cases).

India has only 108 cases so far. Out of the countries sharing a sea border with China, over 300 cases only are on the report. Some countries that have substantial travel and trade links relationship with China record low cases. This causes people to question why these countries are experiencing low levels despite the strong connection with China.

Singapore and Japan have cases that are fewer than a thousand cases. Many cases are in the North of the Tropic of Cancer. Over 2000 cases are in the South of the Tropic of Cancer. The level case numbers in regions in the southern area make less than 2% of worldwide cases. This may bring suggestions on the effects of climate on coronavirus disease transmission.

Coronavirus Cases in Africa

Also, in Africa, the cases recorded are low. Several countries, such as Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt (126 cases), are victims of the disease. Most of the countries in the continent record zero to only five related cases. Out of the 167519 global cases, over 200 cases are from the 54 countries of Africa.

Other countries are implementing weak policies in that only the ones with severe symptoms and record travels to areas affected are under the tests. 

This will be ineffective since it will reduce the ability to trace persons with the virus and hence cannot control and contain COVID19.

The World Health Organization states that “You can’t fight a virus if you don’t know where it is. Find, isolate, test, and treat every case, to break the chains of transmission.”

Another limiting factor in controlling the disease is from countries with few resources. This will create a hot spot whereby the deadly COVID19 may continue spreading further.

Reasons For Reporting Low Cases From Countries Affiliated With China.

Since the pandemic is in its early stages, there are assumptions that it might be the reason for the recording of low numbers. However, other purposes, such as weak travel connections and strong border controls, are among the reasons.

In a country like Russia, the low cases maybe because of effective measures put such as screening or lack of reporting. Countries deliberately do not report incidents to protect their reputations or avoid financial and economic distress connected with control measures. The effects of the local climate in other countries also add up to the cases being low.