Ventilators; The new ‘gold’ in most countries

Ventilators; The new 'gold' in most countries
Ventilators; The new ‘gold’ in most countries

It is no longer time to fight for power. Everyone is now after saving a life or two. The coronavirus has struck most countries and ventilators have become the focus. Most political rallies paralyzed and economies are crawling. This must be the best time to have look at how ready most countries are to tackle any calamity that may come their way. African countries have been looked down upon and perhaps this is the right to confirm this. The coronavirus has become a great test in many countries. Scientists are ever busy doing their research but no hope seems to be looming. Finally, there is a new gadget: ventilators. This has created a big change in most countries that can have access to them. However, there is a problem somewhere. Do not miss reading this article.

The scarce commodity

Ventilators are now a common term in most countries in developed countries. Being a product of research, most doctors have now resorted to this gadget. Coronavirus causes some difficulty in breathing and this is the best solution for all the infected. The gadget can ensure that oxygen reaches the lungs making it something of great value. The pandemic has swept huge numbers of people in most countries and everyone is now aware of how dangerous this disease could be. Now that at least there is something that can be used to save lives, the new fight is on. Most producers of this commodity cannot supply the whole globe with the ventilators. They have thus given a directive that they will not be exporting the ventilators. This could have a big impact on the health sectors of most countries that already hit by this dreaded disease.

African countries are ahead. We are just at the start of realizing cases of this disease in most countries. Now that those manufacturing the ventilators are already putting it clear that they will not be taking the gadget to other countries, we have a big challenge to face. There is a big question that we need to ask ourselves even as we prepare to fight the virus. If the developed countries are already scrambling for this gadget, shall we make it? We have nothing to brag about in our health care facilities. Most of them are just struggling. No proper ICU facilities could also be a big menace in case the disease gets out of hand.

What Next in the Heath sector? 

More worries every day. The number of infected patients continues to rise daily. All that we need to keep asking is how prepared the country is to fight the virus. Some of the most developed countries are already struggling to rescue their people. Shall we manage it? The number of ICU beds in Kenya is far much smaller compared to those that we have in countries like India and the USA yet the developed countries are still struggling. The disease spreads so fast and in case the right precautions are not taken, the whole nation may find itself in a big mess.


Although everyone else may be marveling at the introduction of the ventilators in the health sector. All that we need to keep asking is how prepared we are. With very few manufacturers yet very high demand, a problem may arise. Everyone is struggling to live healthily and it has always been said that prevention is better than cure. Avoid crowded places, wash your hands and most importantly stay safe.