USAid Exposé: Most Liberian Pharmacies Profiting from Illegal Sale of Aid Drugs

USAid Exposé: Most Liberian Pharmacies Profiting from Illegal Sale
Most Liberian pharmacies sell stolen aid drugs – USAid – Fiila Fm

According to the US Agency for International Development (USAID), approximately 90% of pharmacies in Liberia are involved in the illicit sale of medicine donated by aid organizations. USAID Mission Director Jim Wright condemned these “acts of fraud,” emphasizing that they deprive Liberians of access to essential medicines meant to be provided free of charge.

Wright expressed deep concern over the consequences of such actions, noting that they create barriers to healthcare access for those who cannot afford medications. He stressed that this situation is unacceptable and exacerbates inequalities in healthcare, as only patients with sufficient financial means can afford to buy the stolen medicines.

In response to this alarming revelation, six Liberian civil groups have launched a nationwide media campaign. The campaign aims to monitor the distribution of aid medical supplies and raise awareness among the public that donated medicines are intended to be distributed free of charge and should not be sold for profit.

Wright called for increased accountability measures to address this issue effectively. He urged for the prosecution of individuals found guilty of stealing and selling donated health supplies, emphasizing the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

As of now, the Liberian authorities have not issued a response or commented on the matter. However, the urgency of addressing this issue to ensure equitable access to healthcare for all Liberians remains paramount.

Without effective measures in place to prevent such fraud and prosecute perpetrators, the cycle of corruption and inequality in access to healthcare will persist, further exacerbating the country’s health challenges.

Furthermore, the success of the national media campaign launched by Liberian civil groups will depend on its ability to raise public awareness and mobilize support for transparent and ethical practices in the distribution of medical supplies. By empowering communities with information about their rights to access free healthcare services, the campaign can contribute to fostering a culture of accountability and integrity within the healthcare sector.

Ultimately, collaboration between government authorities, civil society organizations, and international donors is essential to implement comprehensive reforms that address the root causes of medicine theft and ensure equitable access to healthcare for all Liberians. This includes strengthening regulatory frameworks, enhancing monitoring mechanisms, and promoting ethical behavior among healthcare professionals and stakeholders.


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