Uganda is now on the Coronavirus Global List, 9 Ugandans tested positive.

Ugandans test positive
Coronavirus (2)

Ugandans’ triumph over the COVID-19 was short-lived when they confirmed their first case this week on Sunday. In less than a week of the coronavirus outbreak in Uganda, Museveni will be addressing the country for the fourth time concerning the virus.

Uganda reported its first COVID-19 case two days ago after its long Coronavirus immunity since the global virus outbreak. The East African Coronavirus sandwich was eaten on Sunday 22nd March when a young Ugandan from Dubai tested positive on arrival at the Entebbe Airport. 

Most certainly, President Museveni is going to implement new steps to keep the virus from spreading with 9 COVID-19 cases reported in Uganda. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health, reported eight new cases yesterday. Today marked the ninth COVID-19 cases in Uganda. All eight new cases are Ugandans who returned by Emirates and Ethiopian airlines on 20 and 22 March from Dubai and other countries. 

On Tuesday, the Senior Press Presidential Secretary Mr. Don Wanyama said that given the recently reported cases, the President will address the country. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will talk about the eight fresh cases of COVID-19 reported yesterday. The TV stations and radios will broadcast his address live. Mr. Don Wanyama, the Senior Press Presidential Secretary, tweeted on Tuesday. In his First Speech on Wednesday, last week, the president requested that all public, political, religious and cultural meetings be restricted and canceled.

The Free Lifestyle of Ugandans

Last weekend was the first-ever silent weekend in Uganda. Ugandans are popular for their love for fun and entertainment, #Team No Stress, #Kampala Never Sleeps, #Party After Party. Ugandan citizens love spending nights out partying and others in night prayer gatherings. Moving as late as 3 am or in the wee hours of the night is normal to 60% of Ugandans. It is a trend that will probably die hard. Nighttime movements are like working during the day as Uganda is too peaceful and has a lot of freedom. The last weekend was the worst for those whose daily activities are at night. Worse still, the quarantine is lasting for more than 30 days.

Even with the seriousness of the global epidemic, some Ugandans never ceased to show how unprepared they were for the pandemic. Even though Uganda had no Coronavirus cases, the president told them to stay off the streets and keep at home. They obeyed the order.

It is no surprise the Ugandans who have the coronavirus infection are those from Dubai and other countries with COVID-19 cases. Museveni didn’t close the borders to the Ugandans who were abroad. He said they were free to come back from the foreign countries they had gone to. Now Uganda is added on the list of countries with coronavirus infection cases. 

Ugandans express their disappointment in their fellow Ugandans who came back from abroad during the epidemic period. They are with their families at the moment and who knows if they have infected their loved ones as well.

The Ministry of Health Avails List One of Ugandans who Traveled to the Coronavirus Infected Countries

An announcement has gone nation-wide to all Ugandans who traveled the past one month to countries with high-risk coronavirus infections and deaths. The list has the names of the travelers, telephone contacts, addresses, and all the family details. Each Ugandan traveler is to check the lists the Ministry of Health has issued. Whoever appears on that list is to avail him or herself for coronavirus testing and should isolate him or herself immediately. 

All the listed citizens are to act responsibly and stay in their homes as they wait for the ministry to reach out to them for an urgent check-up. The ministry will carry out global tests from individual homes of those travelers listed. The Minister of Health urged Ugandans to remain calm. List two will be out soon. The ministry urges travelers to do the right thing and submit themselves.

During Saturday afternoon national prayers, Mr. Museveni emphasized the need to maintain sanitation by washing hands regularly and using disinfectants. Later in the evening, of the same day, the president instructed all borders to be locked and passenger flights halted. Amid Sunday reports of the first case of the virus, the president advised Ugandans, in his evening speech, to remain home and to stop utilizing public transport to deter COVID-19 spread.

Meanwhile, Ugandans have aggressively taken it upon themselves to fight the coronavirus together as a country. 



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