Togo Reschedules Legislative and Regional Polls for April 29

Togo Reschedules Legislative and Regional Polls for April 29
Togo delays legislative and regional polls until Apr. 29 | Africanews

Togo Reschedules Legislative and Regional Polls for April 29

Togo has decided to reschedule its parliamentary and regional elections for April 29th, following a period of uncertainty stemming from a hotly contested constitutional reform. This decision was reached during a cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, April 9th.

Originally slated for April 13th, the elections were pushed back to April 20th before settling on the new date of April 29th.

The catalyst for this postponement was Togo’s parliament’s late March vote to shift the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system of governance. However, faced with significant public opposition, the presidency intervened, directing the constitutional reform issue back to parliament for further deliberation.

President Faure Gnassingbé engaged with members of the National Assembly’s bureau in early April, emphasizing the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives to enhance the Constitution. As a result, the National Assembly’s bureau emphasized the necessity for additional consultations regarding the reform, prompting the subsequent delay in the election schedule.

In addition to these developments, the government issued a separate statement addressing a planned three-day protest scheduled for the week, protesting the arrest of opposition figures and new legislation abolishing presidential elections. This declaration deemed the protest illegal, exacerbating tensions in Togo, a West African nation entrenched under the rule of the same family for nearly six decades.

These events underscore the complex political landscape and the ongoing struggle for democratic reform in Togo. The rescheduled elections carry significant weight, as they represent a pivotal moment in the nation’s democratic journey and its quest for political stability and inclusivity.


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