The Military of Cameroon is Under Siege


The military of Cameroon is under siege. In numerous locations in southwest Cameroon on Wednesday, at least ten soldiers were killed, and a police station was raided, just days after the Cameroonian army completed the ‘Bui Clean’ operation.


The mission, which started on May 15, was intended to put a stop to separatist activity in the area.


The operation was led by the 5th Joint Military Region, which has around 300 soldiers.


“I informed them that the mission must continue with discipline, respect for commitment and conduct principles, and respect for human rights,” said Gen Nka Valère, Commander of the 5th Military Region.


Some residents have also been accused of working with the insurgents. According to the army, residents, elites, chiefs, and church leaders have all adopted separatist ideology, making fighting impossible.


However, there are opposing viewpoints on how these military operations should be carried out, with some believing that the military method has limitations and should only be employed as a last choice. The locals have been forced to flee to the mountains in order to escape the military attacks.


“Military operations in our towns and villages will not bring peace, in my opinion, because the people are already suffering. People are usually afraid when they encounter the military because they feel their son, father, or daughter has perished as a result of the military. As a result, I don’t think the military is the greatest alternative” a resident of Bamenda stated


Locals believe that there is a need for alternatives to utilizing guns to resolve conflicts. In major cities in the northwest, for example, kidnappings, abuses, extortion, and assassinations are prevalent. According to commentators, these are the results of military raids.


The month-long surgery was the third of its kind. Four soldiers were killed, while several others were injured.



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