The growth on online writing among the youth in Kenya

The growth of online writing among the youth in Kenya
Online Writing in Kenya

Online writing in Kenya

Online writing in Kenya is a great opportunity for the jobless youth. Kenya produces over 50, 000 graduates from private and public universities. This  means that over 2 million graduates are unemployed. This article presents the growth of online writing among the youth in Kenya.

Many people join universities with an intention of attaining academic qualifications that will lead them to secure a good job. The sad reality, however, is that jobs are not always readily available for graduates. It is estimated that it takes an average of 5 years to get employed in Kenya.

Because of the weak Kenyan economy, the youth are advised to become entrepreneurs rather waiting to get jobs.

A group of youth freelancers in Kenya have fully dedicated themselves to writing. They work only on cyberspace to make ends meet. This group of young professionals uses ever-rising writing opportunities to capitalize.

Why online writing?

Freelancing gives you a chance to grow fast since you are in charge of what you really want. It enables you to practice what you like, and it is also flexible.

Online freelance writing gives you a chance of connecting with people around the world. Online writing experience is rewarding.

While many youth are in this field because they lack jobs, most people prefer writing because of its flexibility and the increasing opportunities that come with writing option.

Moreover, online writing gives you freedom. You are fully in charge of your schedule. This means you only take assignments you are able to do. This gives you time to engage in other activities for a better life. Job earnings are good, especially if you have built good clientele base.

The status of online writing in Kenya today

Today, many people have greatly capitalized with writing opportunities. The number of the youth who join writing sites in a day have significantly improved. The youth are taking writing jobs seriously and they are gaining a lot from it.

Because writing opportunities increase day by day, people have created Facebook and WhatsApp groups where they meet employers. The reality behind writing is that, it is worth determination and patience.

The writing websites in Kenya have also increased significantly. Many of the youth benefit much from these sites. This is because, some of the writing sites in Kenya offer training services for newbies.

The fact that some writing sites offer training give more opportunities for those who think they can’t write. They charge a small amount of fee for the services which is worth it at the end of the day.

Online writing, until recently, has been a great way of making money. The best part of writing is that you don’t need a degree to do it. Because writing don’t need much requirements, many of the dedicated youth have succeeded in the field.

Online writing has really grown in Kenya and it continues to grow with many people joining writing. A fair increase of the youth in freelance is expected in just a few years. This is because writing has a lot of freedom compared to regular jobs.

The number of unemployed youth also increases day by day. Writing is ,therefore, a recommended option for any youth who is struggling to make ends meet out there. The growth of online writing among the youth in Kenya today, therefore, is impressive.







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