The Best Way to Use Bitcoin for Remittance in Africa

Bitcoin is a decentralized global digital currency. It used as a medium for worldwide money transactions. It needs no banking institutions to conduct money transfers. The only thing necessary is a strong internet connection and software running well.

How Bitcoins Really Work

It is a cheaper option for remittance as it needs no installation and maintenance fees. The full transaction details are secure in a simple database called Blockchain. It keeps away the need for intermediaries and third parties.

Bitcoins work in a systematic way. The business estimates the total remittances in a day. This way, it purchases the Bitcoins needed in advance. Later, they sell them for the fiat currency in the destination country. Operating via Bitcoins is risk-free. RSPs (Remittance Service Providers) do not hold the virtual money for a long time. Besides that, it is easier to perform the transactions fast.

Bitcoin users depending on the Blockchain system to buy or sell their coins. They don’t incur transaction fees on their exchanges. Using Bitcoins is fast and convenient since it leaves no personal data behind. Anonymity helps users transact with no fear of getting scammed online.

Pros of Bitcoins

Whether Bitcoins help in savings or not is a mystery to most people. Compared to the standard money transfer, Bitcoins cost less. The reason is that it requires no medium is. Also, the commissions for the agency are higher. Since the high fees for installations and maintenance of the system are minimal. Bitcoins are secure and safe. They also have a regulatory mechanism, thus viable for any type of business.

A convenient mode of remittance is suitable for customers, and so is Bitcoin. It requires little to no knowledge of how to operate. The user follows the easy steps in the interface. They guide them on how to process the money within seconds.

How to Use Bitcoins Properly

To make Bitcoin exchanges, you must open an account from a Bitcoin exchange, called a wallet. Do this both in the source and the recipient country. Since there are no given laws governing Blockchain technology, take tons of care. Buy/sell from a Bitcoin exchange that follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms. You then transfer from the bank account source to Bitcoin exchange source.

Once you have transferred the funds, it’s very easy to buy Bitcoins which you deposit for remittance. To withdraw Bitcoins, give the amount in Bitcoins to the address you want them sent to. Confirm the details you entered are correct. Bitcoins transactions take at least 10 minutes to get processed and confirmed.

Bottom Line

Emerging technologies like the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency has turned Africa upside down. Bitcoin is a speculative currency. It is important to get background information on the best wallets to safely transact with. The BTC technology has posed so many challenges to its users. For instance, the price fluctuations keep destabilizing many. To learn how they do this, visit my website:


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