Sudan: UN chief denounces blockade of humanitarian corridors by belligerents

UN Civil society conference in Nairobi ends with calls for collaboration

UN chief denounces blockade of humanitarian: El Fasher is the capital of North Darfur state, and the recent large-scale raids by the Rapid Support Forces on the city have caused UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres great alarm. In the middle of the assault, humanitarian organizations have voiced concerns about the possibility of genocide.

While speaking at a press conference at the UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi, Guterres denounced the senseless slaughter of innocent civilians in Sudan, particularly the heinous acts of sexual assault perpetrated against females. Humanitarian workers in the area have been the target of attacks, obstructions, and murders, which he strongly condemned.

In a statement, Guterres sent his deepest sympathies to the people of Kenya and neighboring countries hit by the tragic floods and reaffirmed the United Nations’ solidarity with them. He reaffirmed the United Nations’ dedication to assisting affected communities and promised ongoing funding for government relief operations.

Amid the dire circumstances in Rafah and the impending possibility of an Israeli assault, the UN head reaffirmed his demand for an immediate end to the fighting in the Gaza Strip. To avoid additional bloodshed and casualties in the area, Guterres stressed the critical need of de-escalation.


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