Coachella Buzz: South African Band Joins Doja Cat for Epic Performance

South African Band Joins Doja Cat for Epic Performance
US rapper Doja Cat at Coachella

Coachella Buzz: South African Band Joins Doja Cat for Epic Performance

A South African acapella ensemble has garnered widespread acclaim following their collaboration with renowned US artist Doja Cat at the prestigious Coachella music festival. The group, known as The Joy, teamed up with Doja Cat during her headline performance on Sunday night, where they delivered a captivating rendition of the rapper’s hit single “Shutcho.”

Performing in their native Zulu language, The Joy captivated the audience with their intricate five-part harmony, earning praise from music critics and fans alike. Billboard described their performance as “gorgeous,” noting the seamless fusion of cultures on stage. Many interpreted the collaboration as a homage to Doja Cat’s South African heritage, given that the Grammy-winning artist has roots in the country through her father.

Hailing from the vibrant coastal city of Durban, The Joy’s participation in Coachella was celebrated across social media platforms by fellow South Africans, who commended the group for showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage on the global stage. In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) following the show, The Joy expressed gratitude for the opportunity, emphasizing the moment’s significance.

The performance, witnessed by nearly 100,000 attendees at Coachella’s main stage, was also live-streamed to thousands of viewers worldwide, further amplifying the impact of The Joy’s collaboration with Doja Cat. Notably, Doja Cat made history as the first female rapper to headline Coachella or any major annual music festival in the US, underscoring the event’s significance.

In addition to marking a historic moment for Doja Cat, The Joy’s performance is believed to have made them the first South African group to grace Coachella’s main stage. The festival, renowned for showcasing some of the world’s biggest acts, is a premier platform for artists to reach a global audience and cement their place in music history.

Coachella, held annually in the picturesque California desert, attracts music enthusiasts from around the globe. It offers a diverse lineup of artists across various genres. With its unparalleled reputation and massive attendance, Coachella stands as one of the most prestigious music festivals in the United States, providing artists like The Joy with exceptional exposure and recognition on an international scale.


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