Adaorah’s Success Story: How Remixing ‘Time na Money’ Transformed Her Career

Adaorah's Success Story: How Remixing 'Time na Money'
Why I collaborated with Mike Okri, remixed 'Time na Money'- Afrobeats artiste Adaorah

Adaorah’s Success Story: How Remixing ‘Time na Money’ Transformed Her Career

The rising Afro-fusion sensation Adaorah is making waves in America and Nigeria with her captivating music. Born Chantel Adaorah Chukwuemeka, she recently achieved a significant milestone by releasing a remix of Mike Okri’s timeless hit, ‘Time na Money’, featuring the music legend himself. This remix, already garnering attention across various digital platforms, showcases Adaorah’s creative prowess and ability to connect with diverse audiences, distinguishing her from her peers in the music industry.

In a recent interview, Adaorah opened up about her journey as a solo artist, sharing insights into her dreams, challenges, and breakthroughs. She revealed that her decision to remix Mike Okri’s classic song stemmed from her fond memories of it from her childhood and the opportunity presented by Premier Records manager Mike Odiong. Drawing inspiration from old-school jams like ‘Time na Money’, Adaorah saw the remix as a chance to pay homage to the original while infusing her unique style into the music.

Adaorah also reflected on her musical journey, tracing her passion for music to her childhood when she discovered her talent at a young age. Initially trained as an opera singer, she eventually transitioned to pop and R&B, citing her love for Afro-beats as a driving force behind her artistic evolution. Despite facing challenges as an independent artist, Adaorah’s determination and talent have propelled her forward, aided by the support of industry connections like Premier Records manager Mike Odiong.

When asked about breaking into the music industry in the United States, Adaorah acknowledged the difficulty of the journey, emphasizing the importance of talent, hard work, and luck. As an independent artist, she has encountered obstacles in gaining recognition and investment, relying on her perseverance and the support of allies like Mike Odiong to navigate the competitive landscape.

Adaorah’s story exemplifies the resilience and passion of artists striving to make their mark in the music industry. With her innovative approach to music and unwavering determination, she is poised to continue breaking boundaries and captivating audiences on a global scale.


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