Somalia and Kenya Disputes: Kenyan Ambassador Expelled


Tension is back on set between Kenya and Somalia. This time, it is due to a claim from the Somali government over meddling in their internal affairs. The Kenyan ambassador is allegedly interfering with their electoral process in Jubbaland. Jubbaland is among five semi-autonomous states situated in the country. The 17th September 2020 agreement is no longer in play, according to Somalia’s foreign ministry. The ministry took it to Facebook to explain the expulsion of the Kenyan ambassador. And there, it was confirmed that he allegedly went too far when it came to their political state during an electoral process.

Series of Tension between Somalia and Kenya

Apparently, these two nations have been on each other’s neck since the colonial period. Their disputes range from terrorist attacks, extortion, home invasions, and most importantly, oil territory. The oil dispute pushed the Kenyan government to expel Somalia’s ambassador, Mohamud Ahmed Nur, earlier this year February. Consequently, Lucas Tumbo, Kenyan ambassador, was, as a result, recalled. Nonetheless, after two months, their relations were restored.

However, despite the unavoidable disputes, the two countries have some common enemy to fight together. This includes the fight against terrorism, Al-Shabaab. Both countries need to ensure that the terror group is in check for the sake of promoting a peaceable country. A state that has Somalia struggling to achieve. Somalia scored poorly from the Global Peace Index released this year. The result is mostly attributed to the terror attacks and the terror group residing in the country.

Kenya’s take on the matter

The Kenyan government spokesperson has since not given a reaction on the matter. Cyrus Oguna is still adamant about commenting, but hopefully, all will be well. Meanwhile, the Kenyan government is still making a substantial contribution to the Somalia government to foster peace.

In collaboration with the Somali federal government and local states, Kenya contributes troops to Somalia. This is also as part of a peace-keeping force under the African Union leadership. On Monday, Major Nur Mohamud confirmed five soldiers being killed. It was reported that the group’s fighters attacked an army base in Central Somalia.



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