Militant attacks force Teachers To Demand for Transfer.

Militant attacks by the Al-Shabaab have increased in the Eastern Kenya area that border Somalia. Reports verify that over the last five weeks, more than ten attacks have been carried out. Both the coastal regions and the northern regions of Kenya have been targets of these past attacks. At least 25 people confirmed dead in these recent attacks.

Militant attacks in the Eastern Region Escalates 

In the Eastern region, militant attacks killed three teachers. This attack happened on the afternoon of January 13, 2020, at around 2:30 am. Kamuthe area in Garissa county in Eastern Kenya is where the shooting occurred.  Following recent attacks, teachers working in the area are in panic and expressing fear for their lives. Reports confirm that this attack carried out just days after this very same militants had executed another attack.

The Harrowing Experience of Militant attacks

The Al-Shabaab militants though ruthless in the execution of their operations; however, spared nurses and female teachers during the attack at Kamuthe. A 30-year-old man near the scene hit by a stray bullet suffers severe injuries. Several survivors who miraculously escaped the jaws of death recount their encounters in the hands of these armed militants.

The attackers also wiped out a Safaricom communication pole during the 2 am attack. They also attacked a police post in the area. The officer on duty repulsed the assailants as he called for backup. The police suspected they might have emerged from the nearby Boni Forest A team of the Kenya Defense Force mobilized to hunt down the attackers who are said to be about 20.

The teachers, however, narrated the distressing experiences at the hands of the students, headteachers, parents, and county education officers. They are referred to as “nguraro” (kinky hair) or “kafir” to mean unholy. They use these derogatory words on teachers while interacting with some of the locals.

A Cry for Help

Some of the survivors say they are not ready to die because of work. Statistics point out that more than half of the teachers are on-locals. Most of the non-local teachers in Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa agreed to come work after the government reaffirmed them of security.

Due to the government’s failure in providing security; however, teachers demand transfer to safer regions.” Some of the teachers barred from leaving the county by being denied transport:” one of the teachers lamented. Most schools shut down while more await closing down with fear of their lives. Garissa County Education Director Yusuf Karu, says there are consulting with TSC for a way forward.

Safeguard Teachers

The assistant Director also assures the residents that they are coming up with strategies to ensure their safety. These strategies and plans are to resolve these ongoing attacks. The assailants are, however, under tension in their hideouts as the US- Kenya military is carrying out aerial attacks. The officers, however, believe the reason behind these attacks is contraband goods in the areas. Smugglers stage militias attacks in efforts to pass their products such as cooking oil, rice, among others.

With the above events, the government plans to reopen more than 20 border points for taxations and checkpoints for goods. More forces deployed to different areas of the operations that are prone to attacks. Militants killed during these operations have several weapons that recovered from them.

Internal bond; Al-Shabab has continuously kept the record of ravaging East Africa


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