Al-Shabab has continuously kept the record of ravaging East Africa

Al-Shabab pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda and the headquarters is in neighboring Somalia. Right from its existence, Al-Shabab’s goal is to destroy the Somalian Government.
The purpose of this to gain control and force its Islamic laws and believe on the territory.
Al-Shabab believes that the way to enforce their goal is to foray several attacks on people. In a response to these attacks, the United States has offered help to the Kenyan and Somalian troops.

Why the aid?

This terrorist organization has had the intentions of attacking the United States.

Regardless, U.S. consistent pressure constrains their ability to carry out such intent.
That aside, U.S. made it priority to sabotage the efforts of Al-Shabab, or any other terrorist group against Somalia. This include its neighboring countries.
This move set a record, as the U.S first-ever public boots deployment on the ground since 1993 to “assist and advise” Somali government troops.
In this regard, the United States has stepped up in its action against Al-Shabab. This is not without the support of the government in these countries.
The U.S has been increasing its troop fighting Al-Shabab militants, while also being an ally to Kenya.
Furthermore, the United States has always provided financial and logistical support to AMISOM. At the same time, the United States has helped protect these countries in East Africa.
This is by conducting counterterrorism operations, maritime surveillance, and intelligence sharing missions.
Hence, drone strikes and special operations forces raids against these suspected jihadist group.
A significant part of their tactics to dissolve Al-Shabab’s activities is Airstrikes. Especially in areas where they are most active on the ground.
The U.S. military command for Africa (AFRICOM) declared their carefulness. This is to ensure that there are no civilian casualties. Especially in their operations in the last two years.
Moreover, has the U.S contribution successfully destabilized Al-Shabab? Especially in its stronghold.
Amidst the previous attacks that have happened in the past years, January 5 attack was the latest. A continuation of the war between Kenya and Al-Shabab.
A U.S. service member and two Defense Department contractors died in the attack. This was when Al-Shabab attacked at Manda Bay Airfield. Manda Bay Airfield is a Kenyan airfield that is useful to both Kenyan and U.S. forces.
It is an important base in the fight against one of the world’s most extremist organization. Manda Bay Airfield provides training and, counterterrorism support to partners in East Africa. It has serves to protect the interests of the U.S in the area.
Two Defense Department members fell victims of the attack. However, the two injured Americans are now in stable conditions, and will be leaving the base.
Reports claims that this attack occurred after Mogadishu’s car bombing. An attack that killed about 79 people on 28 December.
A day after the bombing in Mogadishu, the U.S. military targeted Al-Shabab militants. They were responsible for terrorist acts against innocent Somali citizens.
Besides, they are coordinating with al-Qaeda. About four al-Shabab militants were killed at three separate strikes.
In a statement from AFRICOM says, the attack reflected grave damage to infrastructure and equipment. But the attempted breach on the airbase was successfully blocked.
Although these escalation has suppressed. Yet, there are concerns that Al-Shabab’s influence stays unhinged.
The former attacks have simply been bombings, ambushes on armies or police patrols. But, this attack was against a highly defended airbase, which means that this attack must have required a lot of planning.
If this were possible, then these countries are dreadfully exposed to higher risks more than ever.
Al-Shabab retains control over large areas of Somalia and continues to mount attacks in urban centers.
It is saddening to say that Al-Shabab might just be closer to achieving its primary goal. Which is “to unseat the government, and establish emirates that will ultimately fuse into an Islamic caliphate.”
Currently, Al-Shabab has been reported to be setting up its administration. It is generating revenue, creating courts, and raising taxes from the local Somalians.
Al-Shabab’s resistance to the U.S. forces and other troops shows one thing. Its hold on the victimized territories remains strong.
The efforts to degrade Al-Shabab’s capabilities appear questionable and undermining. With an estimate of at least 9,000 militants, the Islamic-led group stands as a threat to the government’s ability to provide security and stability in the victimized countries.
In the midst of all of these happenings, findings have been made that civilians are getting caught up in the casualties of U.S. airstrikes.
So, has the government and the U.S. being effective in their surge? It is hard to say yes, but it is harder to say no.

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