Soldier kills 21 in the gun rampage in Thailand.

UN peacekeeper
un peacekeepers

A soldier killed a commanding officer by the name Jakraphanth Thomma on Saturday.  The soldier stole weapons were in the military camp.  The suspect then proceeded with his attack in a shopping mall in Thai city. He is believed to be there, where he could post updates on social media platforms.

The security offices rescued hundreds of shoppers. This was happening while still searching for the gunman. The shots were still on the air. The motives of the gunman remain unclear up to this moment.

The situation at the shopping Centre.

Terminal 21 Shopping Centre, which is also known as Korat, which is I Nakhon Ratchasimaremaiendeed sealed off up to Sunday. A gunshot was heard shortly after 03.00. This was the time the security offices were raiding the building. They aimed to arrest the gunman.

One officer died, whereas two more got injuries during the incident. The officers could rescue several people from the building. However, it is not yet clear how many more are still in the trap. The gunman was trying to escape the building using the back door. This is according to the earlier reports released.

The Bangkok Post, in its early reporting, said the suspect was of thirty-two years old. It further said that he took hostages. However, this report is not confirmed yet. The officers tried to bring the suspect’s mother into the building. They aimed to persuade him to surrender himself.

Soldier Rescue mission

One people were on the hostage told the BBC how her, together with others, hid in a bathroom on the fourth floor. This happened before she moved to the second floor. There she went to a restaurant table and stayed there for three hours. She could hear four gunshots before the soldiers came when she got her safety.

According to the press statement released by the public health minister, Mr. Anutin Charnivarakul, earlier, he said that around sixteen people died during the shooting. Another four people died afterward. The total number of those who got injuries was thirty-one people. Ten among them were in critical condition. There is fear that the number is likely to rise.

How did the attack occur?

At around 15.30 local time, Saturday, (08; 30GMT) in a military camp at Suathan Phithak is where it all started. This is the camp that commanding officer knew well by Bangkok post as Col Anantharot Krase killings occurred. The post also reported that the mother in law of this Col and another colleague killings took place in that same camp.

The suspect took the ammunitions and the arms from this camp. After that, he took a Humvee –type vehicle and left. Before arriving at the terminal 21 at around 18:00 (11:00GMT), he opened the fire at several sites. A local media showed footage that was showing the suspect firing after getting out of his car and then fled.

Some other footages were showing fire outside that shopping center. Some reports said the fire was a result of the gas cylinder that exploded after the bullet hit it.

Government responses to this attack

Prime Minister Prauth Chan-Ocha sent his condolences messages to the families of those who lost their lives. The public minister has been appealing to the people to donate blood for those with injuries.

Before the incident, the suspect has on his Facebook page posted himself with a pistol saying it was time to get excited. He continued to say that nobody can escape death. Facebook has, however, pulled down the post.



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