Simple Rules to Build a Successful Instagram Business Page


Have you ever wondered why some people have successful Instagram business pages while others are sinking in ‘Instagram’s ocean’? You may never get it right without equipping yourself with some basic rules to ensure success. Just as every other virtual or physical communities have guiding principles, Instagram, a virtual community also has it etiquette, norms, and unwritten rules that you must follow without which your business will be eschewed. Let’s take a look at some of the rules.

Rule #1: Post Quality Images and Pictures

Instagram is a visual medium. For an individual, other community members want to see the quality images of your business, brand and offerings.  Quality pictures help project the desired brand’s image, identity, and reputation. So, do not post low-quality photos for any reason. Good captions for posts are required.  It helps to ensure that other fellow users curate your pictures. Look out for beautiful but authentic images.   Successful Instagrammers achieve a balance between beauty and authenticity.

Rule #2: Use Hashtags for your Posts

Using hashtags is also essential in helping to get your business posts found on Instagram by interested community members. They pull search traffic to your Instagram page. However, hashtags must be used correctly as inappropriate hashtags cause more harm than good to your page. Thus, you must consider the following when using hashtags. Don’t use any spaces in your hashtag. Hashtags do not have to be about a topic and let not your hashtags be more than your words so as not to look funny. Use only hashtags relevant to you and your posts.

Rule #3: Make Comments and Interact with other Users

You must make comments on people’s post on. Don’t practice the act of scrolling through without commenting on other people’s pictures and posts. Instagram is a community and communication, (a two-way process) is essential to keep a community alive. So, listen and respond and not just walk past or make announcements only. Making comments is also a tactic for announcing your presence on Instagram.  ‘People will only remember you for what you do’ says the English adage and one of the ways to say something profound is to comment on pictures posted by members of your community (Instagram). It is also an opportunity to recruit more followers who like to associate with you and your business. They also link your persona to your account. You must also learn to reply to comments as this gives members of your community sense of belonging and positive perception about your business. Continuous engagement can also erupt from this little effort. Also, remember that Instagram does not allow you to include links in your comments. Don’t do this or else you look stupid to other users.

Rule #4: Be consistent

Consistency is the word. An Instagrammer, especially a business one should learn to say something daily through posts. It is not just about commenting alone. You need to engage your followers with meaningful contents daily to maintain a top of the mind awareness position. You also have to stick to your schedule. If you post every day, then you have to continue with it. If you post four times a daily, then your followers expect you to be consistent. Not sticking to your schedule put you at the risk of losing followers and not gaining new ones.

Rule # 5: Tagging

Tagging is one of the strategies for recording a high success rate on Instagram. It is important to tag people and places important to your business to relate pictures and posts. This generates reciprocate tags from other users when you are in their photos. Regramming and back tagging also help in growing followers base. As a brand, tagging can help increase brand awareness for free.

Instagram is a tool that cannot be ignored at both individual and business levels.  Follow these simple rules and see your Instagram page turn around in no time. Remember, it is not just about how to build an Instagram business page but more on how to build a successful Instagram business page for you and your brand.


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