Several Cases showing WHO has declared Corona Virus a Pandemic

Several Cases showing WHO has declared Corona Virus a Pandemic
Several Cases showing WHO has declared Corona Virus a Pandemic

The Pandemic

Corona virus crisis is the leading threat in the whole world. For instance, the spread of the virus is currently a source of panic. The World Health Organization has now declared the virus outbreak a pandemic. The first case was in china toward the end of last year. As per statistic the virus has infected more than 118,000, killed 4291 in a total of one hundred and fourteen countries.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom urges everyone to take urgent and persevering action.  European Union leaders have promised to fight the outbreak of the corona virus in any way possible.  Cases in the United States have gone high, and it is has spread in new countries including Bolivia, Turkey and Honduras. Bulgaria, Sweden and Indonesia have confirmed their first deaths.

US capitol to end unrestricted visits through March

Following the outbreak of the corona virus in the United States, infecting around 1,100, the US Capitol has no way out but to shut all public tours in March. News agency Reuters in the state says that the Hill official has confirmed the closure even although; Politico was the first to report as they cited a couple of sources.

Uber incorporation may suspend their services

Today, the whole world is familiar with Uber services. Good news is that many benefits from the same and the bad news is the Uber Technologies Inc might suspend their services. The company is considering suspending the riders and drivers accounts of the infected temporarily because of the virus outbreak.

Uber Inc has already taken proceedings on some of the affected markets. Furthermore, they have a team to support the public health authorities. The team is also in charge of all communication channels across the globe. Uber says their specialists will evaluate accounts of the exposed ones through the health officials.

Figure Skating championship in Montreal cancelled

Figure skating is one of the biggest sports in the whole world. Quebec government says they had to cancel the figure skating championship that was scheduled to take place between 16th to 22nd March in Montreal. The main reason why the tournament is cancelled is the severe outbreak of the corona virus.

The international skating union outlaid strict requirements for those who were supposed to attend the sport, leading to cancellation. The union said it was a must for game officials, skaters and coaches to check temperatures. Almost two hundred skaters from more than fifty nations were to attend the championship.

Denmark close up schools and universities

Following the significant spread of the Corona virus, Denmark will shut all daycare facilities, schools as well as universities to fight against the outbreak. The Denmark prime minister gave the order to the closure. Furthermore, all the people employed in the public sector and with non-decisive jobs will be sent home by Friday.


The outbreak and spread of this contagious virus has led to the closure of many activities worldwide. I urge everyone to stay strong and unite forces where possible so as we can get through this situation. Ensure you take the necessary precautions. The statistics done by John Hopkins University show that more than 66,000 people have recovered from the virus.



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