Rwanda joins other African countries in recalling J&J children’s cough syrup

Rwanda joins other African countries in recalling J&J children's cough syrup
Steven Senne

Rwanda joins other African countries: A batch of Johnson & Johnson children’s cough syrup has been recalled by Rwanda’s medicines authority on safety concerns.

Laboratory testing in Nigeria revealed higher toxicity levels, prompting this action. The syrup, which is frequently prescribed to kids for allergies and coughs, has already been recalled in two other countries: South Africa and Kenya.

Kenvue now owns the recalled batch, which was manufactured in South Africa by J&J in May 2021. Kenvue was spun out from J&J last year.

Although there have been no recorded adverse incidents, the recall is being implemented as a preventive step, according to Rwanda’s Food and Drugs Authority.

An elevated concentration of diethylene glycol, a chemical linked to the deaths of children in other nations since 2022, was found in laboratory tests carried out by Nigeria’s health regulator. In order to figure out what to do next, Kenvue is reportedly working with health authorities and performing its own assessment.


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