Russian Foreign Minister Engages in Talks on Bilateral Relations with Sierra Leonean Counterpart

AP Photo

Russian Foreign Minister Engages in Talks: Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, recently hosted Timothy Kabba, Sierra Leone’s counterpart, to Moscow for talks to fortify ties between the two countries. While congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection and inauguration, Kabba used the occasion to offer his congrats.

Kabba was pleased to be able to help further strengthen ties of collaboration between the two countries during the conference. He extended his best wishes for the Russian people and President Putin for further prosperity.

In response, Lavrov praised Sierra Leone as an enduring and trustworthy Russian ally in the African continent. He laid forth strategies to strengthen diplomatic ties by launching new missions all around Africa, with Freetown being the focus of this year’s efforts. Taking aggressive steps toward this goal was signaled by Lavrov, who emphasized the necessity of going beyond simple decisions.

Among other places on the African continent, he mentioned Freetown as a potential location for future diplomatic operations. We want to finish it this year in Freetown, before the year comes to a close. We have taken all the essential decisions and now it’s time to put them into action. This is a practical task, and we are hard at work on it.

Furthermore, Lavrov emphasized the possibility of working together in the realm of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The potential construction of a nuclear power facility in Sierra Leone was the main topic of discussion, shedding insight on potential future collaboration in this area.

These events demonstrate that Russia and Sierra Leone are serious about strengthening their connections in many areas, including energy cooperation and diplomacy. The gathering is evidence of the two countries’ shared goal of strengthening their relationship and cooperation.


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