Rivers Political Turmoil: Fubara Describes Crisis as ‘Devil’s Advocate

Rivers Political Turmoil: Fubara Describes Crisis as 'Devil's
Gov. Fubara

Rivers Political Turmoil: Fubara Describes Crisis as ‘Devil’s Advocate

Governor Siminalayi Fubara has characterized the ongoing political turmoil in Rivers State as a test of resilience, likening it to the challenges faced by characters in the movie “Devil’s Advocate.” Despite the pressure of the crisis, Fubara maintains that his administration remains steadfast in its commitment to governance and service delivery to the state’s people.

During a courtesy visit by the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions, led by Chairman Hon. Mike Etaba, Governor Fubara expressed how the adversity of the political crisis has fueled his determination to succeed. Drawing from the movie’s theme, he emphasized that while pressure may cause some to falter, for his administration, it has only strengthened their resolve to make a positive impact.

Fubara highlighted recent initiatives such as empowering over 3,000 Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) through an N4 billion single-digit loan scheme with the Bank of Industry (BOI) Limited. He emphasized that such programs aim to uplift the socio-economic landscape of the state, benefiting the masses rather than serving personal interests or fostering conflict.

Addressing concerns about the state’s image portrayed in adverse social media reports, Fubara reassured the committee members of Rivers State’s peaceful environment. He urged them to focus on their firsthand experiences and observations of progress within the state, dispelling misconceptions perpetuated online.

Fubara underscored the importance of the committee members’ fair and thorough investigation when addressing grievances brought before them. While acknowledging individuals’ right to seek redress, he cautioned against biases and urged impartiality in resolving disputes.

In essence, Governor Fubara’s message resonates with resilience, determination, and a commitment to transparent and effective governance despite external challenges. By emphasizing progress, peace, and fairness, he seeks to portray Rivers State positively and ensure that the administration’s efforts to serve the people are recognized and appreciated.


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