Rand Paul is First Senator to Test Positive for Coronavirus

Rand Paul is First Senator to Test Positive for Coronavirus
Rand Paul is First Senator to Test Positive for Coronavirus

US Senator Rand Paul is the first US senator to test positive for the novel virus. Making him the third congress member infected. Following a tweet by Paul, he assured the public he was okay. He said he conducted the test as a precautionary measure to check on his health.

However, the other senators were angry at Senator Paul for exposing them to the virus. They claimed he should have earlier quarantined himself. There is a possibility the other senators are at risk of contracting the virus. The senator defended himself, saying he wasn’t aware the virus infected him. He condemned the critics for bad-mouthing him. Saying if the rules on testing were strictly followed, he would still walk freely with the virus. He offered to undergo testing as an extra precaution for his damaged lung. Hence, they were not to blame him.


How did Senator Paul gain the virus?

It is probable the senator contracted the virus during an event he attended in Louisville, Kentucky. Most of the attendees from the event tested positive for the virus. The wife of Louisville mayor, Greg Fischer, is one of the victims. Following an announcement by Senate majority leader, they tested senator Paul since he had been to the event.


The news about Paul’s condition caused an uproar among the senate members. Because of the fear of contracting the novel virus. According to CNN, most of the senators had close contact with senator Paul over the past days. He engaged with colleagues in the gym, senate pool and even during senate lunches. Senate Majority John Thune issued a statement seeking medical advice for the senators.


“We’ll consult with the attending physician here at the Capitol about measures for those of us who have been in contact with the senator, but this is the situation that Americans across the country are dealing with right now and it underscores the importance of acting immediately to deliver more relief for the American people,” Thune said.


Similarly, before deciding to quarantine, he said that they will receive immediate medical attention since they must protect the citizens. Hence won’t help spread the virus. Especially since they had come in contact with Senator Rand.



CNN reported Paul’s fellow senators’ frustrations. Since Paul is a doctor, they thought he was informed. They feel he let them down. Over the current weeks, senator Tez Cruz and other congress members decided to self-quarantine since they had contact with an infected person.


What actions preceded Paul learning he tested positive for the virus?

Immediately he learned he tested positive for the virus; the senator left the senate in a hurry. He is self-quarantined and asymptomatic. The senator closed down his office and told his employees to work from home. His deputy chief of staff told CNN that he will resume work after his quarantine session ends.

The senator learned that there were two infected individuals in the “Speed Ball” event, which he attended. However, according to CNN’s source, the senator had not interacted with them. He underwent the corona test seven days after the event to check if he had any respiratory or lung issues.

Earlier in 2017, he was a victim of an attack by his neighbor. Injuring six of his ribs and lungs. Hence, they removed part of his lung in 2019. He hasn’t healed completely since often he experiences breathing problems. Thus, according to the source, that’s why he went for testing.



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