Protection Of Women’s Rights Against Violence And Abuse


Women are important people in this world. God created Eve to be a companion and helper to Adam. In reflection of how God viewed and created the female, they are vital in our society. Without women, the continuation of life may not be possible. They also help the man to recreate a whole new world. For example, traditional communities trained girls on how to be responsible and valued in society. Today, some aspects have changed how people view women.

Some people view women as ‘donkeys’ who should work 24 hours in the house. Others even disrespect them further when they force themselves towards women. Imagine if living in a society whereby people valued women much more than they are today. Having this society whereby people respect and protect women against violence and abuse. I believe the world would be safer for women. It is extremely wrong to force oneself onto a woman if her stand is a NO!

Currently, during this time of the pandemic, there have been strict measures such as imposing lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19. Some cities in Africa have experienced an increase in crime rates since governments have closed businesses and people need to survive. Others want to fulfill their needs by force. Indeed, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Violation Of Women’s Rights In Nigeria, Edo State

Protection Of Women’s Rights Against Violence And Abuse The victim in this case was called Vera Uwaila Omozuwa. She was an undergraduate at the University of Benin and was studying microbiology at the 100 level. Vera was also an active participant in the choir of Redeemed Christian Church of God. During this pandemic, Nigeria, her country, was under lockdown and most education facilities were not open. Students were to find their ways of how they might catch up with their studies. Some would have online classes while others would read at places convenient for them.

Vera was a hardworking and diligent student who would find any means to study. She used to take the church keys and look for a room where she could take her studies quietly. On this fateful day, Uwa as usual, would go to the authorities of the church and borrow the church keys. It was on this day when everything would change in her life. The last day she could carry her books to go to study.

A group of people found their way into the church that day because the night guard of the church was late in reporting duties. Probably, these heartless people were in watch for the girl for a long time before they planned to launch their attack on her. Reports say that her head appeared to be hit with a fire extinguisher which probably knocked her down and becomes unconscious. The night guard says that when he resumed duties, what his eyes saw was saddening. The girl was lying down dead in a pool of blood in the church hall and half-naked. It seems that these murderers took her innocence.

The Church And Government’s Opinion

The church and government have strongly denounced the act. RCCG has talked to the authorities to look into the matter and the murderers brought to justice.

“As a church, we are deeply touched and criticize in absolute terms this evil visited on an innocent girl as we have equally denounced any act of violence and abuse against women.”

Godwin Obaseki, state governor of Edo State, commended the police to look into the case that resulted in the demise of Vera. The Violence Against Persons Law is also in effect in the state.

People Protest Against Violation Of Women’s Rights

Just as how people protested against the death of George Floyd, so did people protest against Uwa’s death. Protesters all over Nigeria are demanding justice for Uwa’s case and the support for women and girls. The posts #Justice for Uwa have been circulating over social media platforms. The politicians and celebrities of the country have also demanded justice for Uwa and equality for all women. Some Nigerian demonstrators gathered around Edo State Police demanding immediate action.

Pastor Adeboye, leader of the RCCG, also commented on the death of Uwa on Twitter.

“All I can do at this time is to pray for the family of Omozuwa and do everything possible working with authorities to bring the culprits to justice. I and my Family denounce this action strongly and urge everyone to stay calm as we are already investigating. We are cooperating with the police to build a proof of this shocking incident.”




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