Impact of micro-finance on women empowerment in Kenya

Impact of micro-finance on empowerment
Micro-finance in Kenya

Empowering women is of the key measures to alleviate poverty in Kenya. Micro-finance was introduced to help empower women economically. This method is effective mostly in rural areas in most Kenyan communities. This article highlights the impact of micro-finance on women empowerment in Kenya.

Micro-finance is an emerging tool used to empower women in the new economy. It is important to empower women because this sector of the society contributes significantly towards the economic development of an entire nation.

Effects of micro-finance on women empowerment in Kenya

Poverty eradication

Self-help groups are a significant poverty elimination tool through micro-finance programs in Kenya. This is because self-help groups are moving most women away from poverty towards economic prosperity.

Because of micro-finance programs in Kenya, women have secured employment opportunities. Apart from creating jobs for women, micro-finance programs empower. women economically by financing their initial capitals for starting their businesses.

Most women in Kenya have benefited from micro-finance programs in Kenya because of its promising economic rewards. Because of this, there are hopes for further elimination of poverty in poverty-stricken areas.

Control over resources

Through micro-finance programs, women in Kenya are gaining the power to control resources. Women are more likely to have control over resources because they secure jobs from micro-finance programs. Securing jobs reduces men’s control over women. This is because men control women since their economic status is lower than theirs.

Because micro-finance programs improve the economic status of women, they can control household and other resources.

Participating in micro-finance programs improves women’s access to financial and other economic resources.

Improves women control over the family decision

Because micro-finance programs change women’s position in the family and the society at large, power over decision making also improves. In Kenya, most women had less power to make family decisions. This was because they fully depended on men for economic support.

With the introduction of micro-finance programs, women started to depend on themselves for economic support. Because of this, they can make major decisions concerning family matters.

Improves mobility and legal awareness

Micro-finance programs have improved women’s freedom of mobility. In the past, Kenyan women had less freedom of mobility. Their work was to sit at home and take care of children. Because of this, their knowledge was also very limited.

With the emergence of micro-finance, women in Kenya are knowledgeable in matters concerning family planning which is an important aspect of population control. Besides improved awareness, their freedom of mobility is improving as well.

Gone are the days when women used to stay indoors to wait for their men to bring food to the table. With the introduction of micro-finance, most women are the breadwinners of their families. They move around while participating in micro-finance programs.


Micro-finance has positive effects on women’s empowerment. Through micro-financing, women can secure job opportunities which have improved their socio-economic status in society. Micro-finance is important to eliminating poverty and taking Kenya forward in terms of economic development.