President Trump To Remove Sudan From State Sponsors of Terrorism List


The Sudan republic is one step away from being delisted from the state sponsors of terrorism list of the United States of America. This comes shortly after a tweet from the president of the United States Donald Trump on finally removing the country from the list. Trump assured the Sudanese of being free from the list as soon as a $335 million was deposited to his country as compensation for the lost lives in the terror attacks made from Sudan. A move that president Trump has interpreted to be service to justice to the American people and the bereaved families.

Benefits of restored relations with the US and Sudan

For quite some time now the Sudan state has been on the struggle to be removed from the terrorism list. With the final step to freedom just $335 million away. The country is hoping to restore a good relationship with the US and improved the economy.  The country will be able to make investments and also transact trade activities that will help foster the country’s economy. The long struggle of getting rid of the then president, Omar-al Bashir, not only came with a new system of governance but also fostering inter-country relations among many states. The US being on the top list.

With Trump’s statement, the Sudan government is quite at a relief. Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok went ahead to thank the president ahead of his remarks on Twitter. He also explained how it has been costly for his country to come to the realization of being withdrawn from being a state sponsor of terrorism.

The Country’s relations with Israel

A US official had stated that following Sudan’s delisting, the Israel and Sudan relations may as well follow suit. Although, Trump did not make any mention concerning the two states. The Sudan state had earlier given guidelines towards the matter. The state further explained that in the case of being delisted. There should be no speculations concerning forging ties between the two countries.

Call for action

Following previous conversations with the US state secretary Mike Pompeo, Hamdok was in no place to take up a decision on the matter for his country. A US official had earlier stated that the delisting seems to be a top priority for the country. It would be wise to first grant the country its plea, and leave the rest to the two states. After which they will come down to an agreement that they both wish to go public with.





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