Northern Italy Quarantines 16 Million People

Northern Italy Quarantines 16 Million People
Northern Italy Quarantines 16 Million People

Coronavirus is a deadly disease that originated in China, Wuhan. Several cases have been reported worldwide concerning death and infection cases. The infections worldwide are more than 100,000 and 3600 deaths reported. China is the most affected country since more deaths have been reported from the country. Italy quarantines 16 million people in regard to this deadly virus.

Latest report on the virus

However, the latest reports say that the speed of the virus has slowed down significantly. The recent number of deaths reported in Wuhan is said to be 27, the lowest figure so far. Iran is one of the countries most affected by the disease having 6000 infections and 145 deaths in total.

The most surprising thing is that the Pope, for the very first time, gives his prayer via online live stream. Colleges and schools in China have been closed for more than a week due to combating COVID19.

South Korea has reported cases now totaling to more than 7000. In the United States, the cases reported are more than 400 and deaths are at 19. In the continent of South America, in Argentina specifically, has reported their 1st death while in Australia the 3rd  person dies.

Various countries have reported a rise in the number of cases reported, they include France at 949 Germany at 939 Spain at 589 and the UK at 209. Moreover, the countries of Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Malta, the Maldives, and Paraguay have reported their very first cases since the outbreak began.

Drastic Measures Taken In The Country Of Italy

In the region of northern Italy, measures have been put to control the spread of the virus in the region. In Lombardy there are movement restrictions as a person wishing to enter or leave must ask permission from the authorities.

Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister, announced that all schools, gyms, and museums should be closed for a while as the disease is controlled.

The cases reported are more than 5000 whereas the deaths are more than 230. The quarantine measures have affected a quarter of the population. The health units and systems are under a challenge since we see other people also treated along corridors.

“We want to guarantee the health of our citizens. We understand that these measures will impose sacrifices, sometimes small and sometimes very big,” Prime Minister Conte says

Other provinces are also experiencing the restriction effect, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Pesaro and Urbino, Alessandria, Asti, Novara, Verbano Cusio Ossola, and Vercelli.

When to move and the quarantines

The only reasons that can allow one to move from one place to another includes emergencies and work-related issues since the outbreak of the COVID19 is declared as a national crisis.

However, some movements in the transport sector continue whereas flights report at Milan’s airports but some are not allowed.

Weddings, funerals, and cultural festivals are also disrupted and the police are authorized to help in the control measures that are being emphasized. It is said that the virus was there even before detected however, the containment procedures that were put up failed. Breaking of the law earns a person 3 months in jail.



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